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Why choose Insightly over Nutshell?

  • Easy customizations

    With Nutshell, there is a limit to how much users can customize the front end look and feel. With Insightly, you can easily tailor the standard sales processes of contact, lead and opportunity management using custom fields and dynamic page layouts. Or, create entirely new ones using custom objects, custom apps, and calculated fields.

  • Tons of integrations

    Nutshell has a few key integrations with email apps and productivity tools, but the number of integrations is limited. Insightly integrates with hundreds of the apps and platforms you’re already using without a single line of code.

  • Lower cost

    Nutshell CRM has a steeper entry point than most CRMs at $20/user per month with no free or low-cost option available to start-ups. Insightly is free for up to 2 users and

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G2 Rating
TrustRadius Rating
Best Feature (per Trustradius)
Customer Data Management
Customer Data Management
Best Feature (per G2)
Contact & Account Management
Contact & Account Management


Project Management
Service Management
Additional Fee
Task and Event Management
Contact & Account Management
Opportunity & Pipeline Management


Marketing Automation
Additional fee
Additional fee
Workflow Automations
Available for all levels
Dynamic Page Layout Rules
Available for Enterprise
Dashboard Views
Configurable Profiles & Page Layouts
Role-based Permissions
1-click, no code


Mobile App
Business Card Scanner
Available for all levels


$0-$99 Per user, per month
$20-$42 Per user, per month
Free Trial
Yes, limited

Why Sales Leaders Choose Insightly

Successful Sales Leaders Choose Insightly

Get complete visibility of your entire sales pipeline as soon as you start

1. Fastest & easiest set-up

Get complete visibility of your entire sales pipeline as soon as you start

  • Onboard instantly. Seamless out-of-the-box set-up and syncing. Get up and running immediately. No hassle or hidden costs.

2. Grow high quality pipeline

Automation that convert leads into deals with ease

  • Automatically create tasks and events to pipeline stages. Include automated “Probability of Winning.” Track changes with reporting and deliver Smart Alerts.

Automation that convert leads into deals with ease

See, manage, and optimize on the metrics that matter most

3. Dashboards & analytics

See, manage, and optimize on the metrics that matter most

  • Accurate and insightful metrics. Analyze, visualize, and share insights about prospects to focus on what’s working best. Includes 40 different chart types and drag-and-drop configurable layouts.

  • Schedule reports to run at any time and have the results emailed to the right people.

Switching from Nutshell to Insightly is easy

Afraid to switch CRMs? It’s easier than you think.

The Insightly team will guide you through 5 simple steps.

You’ll assess your CRM needs, clean and structure your data, define roles & permissions, migrate your data, and review. That’s it!

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See why sales leaders choose Insightly

4.2 (707 reviews)

See how Insightly can align your teams and deliver better customer experiences.

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Best Nutshell Alternative in 2024

What is the best Nutshell alternative for my business?

Insightly and Nutshell are both customer relationship management (CRM) platforms that cater to small to mid-sized businesses. While each has its pluses and minuses, it’s important to look deeper into the full feature set to decide which is the best to help your organization grow. 

Insightly is a strong alternative to Nutshell that you should consider, but let’s explore both in this article.

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Insightly platform vs. Nutshell platform

Customizations are vital to having a CRM that truly works for your business. With Nutshell, there is a limit to how much users can customize the user interface. On the other hand, Insightly lets you easily adapt the standard sales stages of contact, lead, and opportunity management using custom fields and dynamic page layouts. You can further customize Insightly with custom dashboards, custom objects, and custom reports. 

Nutshell has an email app as part of its platform, but to connect a marketing automation platform and/or a service app, you’ll need to integrate with other applications. Insightly is a true business platform with a robust CRM, plus a marketing automation tool (Insightly Marketing), a customer service ticketing application (Insightly Service), and a middleware tool for integrations (AppConnect). With these apps all on one platform, you’ll have all the tools you need to run your business. 

Another area to consider is cost. Nutshell CRM has a steep entry point than most CRMs with no free or low-cost option available to start-ups. Insightly offers a free plan for up to 2 users forever, so while you’re gearing up your business, you’ll have access to a world-class CRM for free. Further, Nutshell’s pricing is a bit more complex than Insightly’s with four tiers of choices. This can be confusing and can require a great deal of research, feature by feature, to ensure you are getting the tools you need within the right price point. 

Both platforms rank well on review sites like G2, Software Advice, GetApp, Capterra, and more. 

Benefits of Insightly CRM

The types of businesses that benefit most from Insightly are professional services, manufacturing, eCommerce, agencies, solar, insurance, finance, and consulting. Nutshell is ideal for heavy machinery, home services, industrial, and construction. So, depending on the type of business you run, you may find more applicable features for each platform. 

A big advantage is the fact that Insightly can be a full platform to run all areas of your business rather than simply a CRM. Nutshell offers services for marketing consultation and some email marketing automation services, but it does not offer a full marketing automation platform like Insightly does (explore Insightly Marketing). It also lacks project management features and a full-featured customer service application (explore Insightly Service).

Should you choose marketing and service applications from Insightly, they are on the same platform as the CRM. To integrate other tools you use to run your business, choose Insightly AppConnect. Integrations via AppConnect are drag-and-drop (low-code/no-code), so it’s easy to keep your team connected. 

An additional feature of Insightly over Nutshell is project management. The PM features in Insightly are used by teams to automate and track post-sale project delivery. Since the interface used in the project management tool is already familiar to your team (psst. It’s the same as the pipeline-interface that users will recognize from the sales process), you can direct and manage projects through delivery right inside your Insightly CRM. With Nutshell, you’ll need to seek out additional software for project management.

How to choose Insightly vs. Nutshell

In comparing Insightly and Nutshell, the choice largely depends on the business. Insightly is a versatile solution for high-growth-oriented businesses and organizations seeking a comprehensive CRM with integrated project management. Insightly’s automation features and reporting tools contribute to overall business efficiency, especially for those managing both customer relationships and projects.

Nutshell, with its emphasis on simplicity and a user-friendly interface, is well-suited for businesses looking for an uncomplicated CRM solution focused on sales. Its streamlined approach to lead and contact management makes it accessible for teams looking to quickly adopt and implement CRM functionality. There is no project management function and tools for marketing automation and customer service will need to be purchased separately and integrated. 

Ultimately, businesses should assess their unique requirements and workflows to determine whether they prioritize a more comprehensive CRM with project management (Insightly) or a straightforward and simple CRM with a sales-centric focus (Nutshell).