Project & Task Management

Optimize post-sale delivery and enhance team communication

You’ve won the deal. Now deliver with precision.

Elevate your team’s productivity with Insightly’s powerful project and task management features. Your project delivery teams have access to the same powerful features and functions that help you win deals. Use Insightly’s project management features to solve common challenges like scattered communication and task disorganization with the ability to customize every project delivery pipeline to the unique needs of your team. Insightly CRM empowers your team to efficiently track progress, allocate tasks, and enhance overall project outcomes. Discover a seamless and organized approach to project management that fosters collaboration, accountability, and success.

Manage projects and complete them faster 

Seamlessly convert opportunities into projects 

Ensure a smooth transition from sales to project execution. After successfully closing a deal, seamlessly convert the opportunity into a project, with all relevant details intact, within Insightly CRM. Details, such as project specifications, client requirements, and associated tasks, are automatically copied into the project in Insightly. This comprehensive transfer ensures that the project team has a holistic view of the customer, avoiding information gaps and data silos while improving project understanding.

Enhance cross-team communication with pipelines and milestones

Recognizing the unique dynamics of every team, Insightly tailors to diverse collaboration and communication requirements. Each project delivery team can engage seamlessly through customized pipelines, allowing for a personalized workflow experience. Milestones play a crucial role as pivotal markers, ensuring transparency in communication and precise progress tracking.

Custom fields and page layouts tailored to your needs

Craft a unique project experience for your project delivery teams by customizing fields and page layouts in Insightly. Custom fields allow users to capture and organize project-specific information that standard fields might not cover. This adaptability ensures that the system aligns with the specific workflows and requirements of the project or industry. Custom page layouts enable the arrangement and display of information in a way that makes the most sense for a particular project. This enhances user experience by providing relevant data at a glance, improving visibility, and making it easier for team members to navigate and understand project details.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m setting up tasks for the first time. Where do I start?

There are a few ways to set up tasks in Insightly. The most common way is to select “Add New Task” from the quick-add button at the top of any Insightly page. View all the options in our Help Center.

How can I organize Projects and Tasks in Insightly?

Categories serve as labels for opportunities, projects, tasks, and files within Insightly. They are native dropdown fields, but administrators can modify values and colors and customize where needed.

How do I convert an opportunity into a Project in Insightly?

It starts with a simple pull-down menu and selecting “Convert to Project.” You’ll get a step-by-step walk-through from there. View the Help Center documentation for the full details.