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CRM software that adapts to your specific business needs

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Tailor your CRM to meet your unique business demands, not the other way around.

Every business is different in how it enables its people, manages its processes, and behaves in increasingly competitive markets. Insightly’s customizable CRM system allows businesses of any size and in any industry to add custom data fields and model every touchpoint of their unique customer journey.

Insightly CRM enables customized data capture, display, and field validation based on how organizations handle their customer information.

Request a custom demo*, where you will learn how to:

  • Build complete custom apps that allow Insightly CRM users to personalize experiences to meet their daily preferences, on any device
  • Deploy custom fields and objects for your team to use across the web and mobile devices within minutes…without writing any code
  • Increase greater user adoption and boost productivity through advanced customization capabilities
  • Enhance data security, data accuracy, and end user experience by customizing the CRM
  • Use the drag-and-drop interface to design one or more custom layouts for CRM objects
  • Enable custom validation rules, calculated fields, workflow automation, and dashboards and reports for your teams

*no commitment required