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Manufacturer scales customer acquisition process across 100+ geographic markets

Insightly simplifies 4over, LLC’s approach to customer acquisition

4over, LLC is an online wholesale print company that serves marketing firms, graphic designers, and print resellers throughout North America and Canada. The company’s diverse product line spans the full gamut of printed products, including flyers, business cards, banners, large format, promotional items, packaging, and much more.


The company needed a better solution for tracking customer acquisitions and engagement efforts.


Insightly streamlines 4over’s customer recordkeeping, campaign management, and day-to-day operations.


With Insightly, the company experiences greater efficiency, reduced data confusion, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Rita Ward Overseer Of Outbound Telesales

Scalable Customer Acquisition Process

With a local presence in 100+ geographic markets, the company needed a more scalable way to organize its customer acquisition process. “We’ve grown into a medium-sized organization

Insightly actually listens to its customers and works with us to find creative solutions to sometimes complex issues. That’s a big deal for us.

and needed a more efficient way to track customer information beyond simple spreadsheets,” said Rita Ward, Overseer of Outbound Telesales at 4over.

“Shared information was our challenge when more than one person or department was working on the same project. We needed a reliable way to track who was working on what in real-time to avoid missed deadlines and miscommunication.”

Realizing that it was time to implement a new CRM solution, 4over turned to Insightly after having previously tried Pipedrive. “Insightly offered the right mix of affordability, features, and flexibility,” Ward said. “Insightly is very easy to use, which allowed us to get up and running quickly.”

Since implementing Insightly, Rita’s telesales department has experienced greater efficiency and improved record keeping. “Insightly has streamlined our process and provides us with a strategic operational view,” Ward said.

Simplified Campaign Management

“The system simplifies our campaign management decision making, such as what to try or adjust.” Ward is also a proponent of Insightly’s convenient search functionality. “Insightly provides our team with instant access to customer records. This aligns with our mission of delivering timely support to new and pending customers.”

Telesales isn’t the only team potentially benefiting from Insightly. For example, the company’s business development department adopted the system to track correspondence, notes, emails, and other interactions with existing customers. Even the human resources department is getting in on the action, systematizing its employee on-boarding process with Insightly projects in the coming months.

Insightly has streamlined our process and provides us with a strategic operational view. Choosing a CRM for manufacturing and a creating a CRM strategy for manufacturing has made all the difference.

Going beyond software features, the 4over team is particularly fond of Insightly’s personalized support. “Insightly’s greatest asset is its people,” Ward said. “Unlike many vendors that would simply say ‘no,’ Insightly is always willing to work with us. We appreciate that.”

At Insightly, we appreciate clients like 4over and look forward to serving their needs for many years to come.

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