To help you make an educated decision, check out this survey report of more than 500 go-to-market professionals. You’ll get data about what matters most to go-to-market teams, the importance of overcoming top CRM challenges and how an effective CRM can align technology and data. Get your copy and use it to guide your team in finding the best CRM for your business.

Here’s a peek inside: 

  • Data shows that poor customer experiences are costing organizations in a big way
  • Customer experiences are improved when go-to-market teams are aligned
  • Alignment starts with communication, but technology can play a big role
  • An effective CRM aligns technology, data and teams – even in remote organizations
  • CRM shoppers are seeking to improve workflows, improve customer experience and align their teams
  • Biggest complaints about CRM are missing features, difficulty in customization, and initial + ongoing costs.
  • The top consideration that a CRM purchaser has is ease of use and adoption; the top concern is training time
  • Integrations are seen as a major challenge for CRM buyers
  • Top integrations sought include QuickBooks, ADP, WordPress, Shopify, Workday, Slack, ZoomInfo, and Calendly
  • CRM buyers are most worried about employee frustration wasted staff time, and missing opportunities for revenue
  • There are mixed answers when it comes to who is in charge of a CRM implementation. Teams listed include (in order) IT, Operations, Marketing, and then Sales