Engineering Teams + CRM

How engineering teams use a CRM

Gain visibility into notes and conversations throughout the sales process so you know what end-users are looking for.

Top CRM features for engineering teams

Single Source of Truth

Go to one place and get information about the full business.


Easily integrate with engineering platforms like Jira, Asana, Trello & more.


SOC2, SSO, 2FA, HIPAA & GDPR compliance.

Conversation Notes

Read what real prospects are asking about on sales calls.


See what’s happening in real-time with every customer.


Set up reports specific to clients or projects for improved cross-team communication.


Benefits of Insightly CRM for engineering teams


  • Improve communication with integrations to tools like Jira and Asana
  • Understand the needs of prospects and customers by reviewing detailed sales and support conversation notes
  • See the evolution of feature requests and understand customer use cases
  • Avoid security issues by choosing a platform with security built-in
  • Keep a pulse on the business as a whole with customizable reports and dashboards
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Team collaboration with Insightly CRM

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does an engineering team leader use a CRM every day?

The CRM is the single source of truth for a business and is the central repository of all data. Engineering teams can log into the CRM and get a full picture of the business. They can go deep on a specific customer or customer type to understand their feature requests and needs, or stay broad to see what usage and volume is coming in the future. When teams share information in this way, they are better aligned and improve the output.

How does using the full Insightly platform help engineering teams?

The Insightly platform, which includes Insightly CRM, Insightly Marketing, Insightly Service, and AppConnect, shares data. This means that users of Insightly CRM can see select information from the other apps. An engineering team member would only need a login to Insightly CRM to see select data from Insightly Marketing and Insightly Service.

How is communication and collaboration improved for an engineering team member by a CRM?

Using AppConnect, the drag-and-drop integration builder that is part of the Insightly platform, keeps engineers focused on what they do best. Engineering teams are not needed to build integrations. Rather, they can focus solely on developing your product or service and leave integration building to the rest of the team.

6 ways engineering teams use a CRM

A CRM system can be a valuable tool for the engineering team, offering various benefits that contribute to improved overall efficiency. Here are several ways in which a CRM can assist the engineering team:

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Client and Account Management:

  • A CRM centralizes client information, providing the engineering team with a unified view of client accounts.
  • The ability to track client data in one place streamlines account management, making it easier for the engineering team to see what the customer base is doing with the product/service.

Enhanced Communication:

  • Communication features within a CRM enable seamless interactions between the engineering team and other teams. This includes email tracking, call logs, and notes, ensuring that all communication is documented and easily accessible.
  • Improved communication fosters transparency and trust, critical elements in business relationships.

Customer Segmentation for Analysis:

  • CRMs allow the engineering team to segment customers based on various criteria. This segmentation can be useful for feature use analysis, helping identify high-value clients, assess risk, and tailor development strategies accordingly.

Efficient Workflow Automation:

  • Automation features in a CRM can streamline routine tasks, reducing manual effort and minimizing errors. This includes automating data entry, report generation, and other repetitive product update processes.

Integration with Software Development Management Apps:

  • Integration capabilities allow a CRM to connect with other business software, such as project management and resource planning systems. This ensures seamless data flow between different departments, reducing the risk of data silos and improving overall visibility.

Customer Retention and Lifetime Value:

  • A CRM assists the engineering team in understanding customer behaviors and preferences. This insight is valuable for developing roadmaps for enhancements and strategies to enhance customer retention and maximize customer lifetime value, contributing to long-term financial success.

In summary, a well-implemented CRM system can significantly benefit the engineering team by improving client management, communication, processes, forecasting, compliance, and overall operational efficiency. The integration of CRM tools into engineering workflows contributes to a more organized, data-driven, and customer-focused approach to project management.