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Law firms unify their practices around their clients with Insightly

It’s harder than ever to keep clients happy

Finding clients is getting more difficult. Keeping them isn’t easy either.

You want your clients to know that they can trust you with whatever life throws their way. Whether it’s standard services like a living will, or a big personal injury case, your clients want to know you’re looking out for them.

During the consultation, you need to understand your prospects and respond with thoughtful advice. You want to ensure they see you as a trusted advisor who can help when needed.

Great attorneys always bring value to clients, but in today’s world, the right technology is a big help towards outpacing your competition. Spreadsheets, folders, and dated tools aren’t going to cut it. You’ve got to up your game.

Law firms grow faster with Insightly

Firms that deliver a unified client experience are winning more clients, generating higher revenue, and retaining clients longer. You need the technology to support your associates and staff to make this possible.

Insightly Marketing

Marketing automation helps law firms attract site visitors, convert them to prospects, and run marketing campaigns at scale.

Insightly CRM

A CRM helps law firms streamline processes, improve profitability, and create long-term client relationships.

Insightly Service

Provide great customer service with Insightly Service, a ticketing application that includes a convenient client portal, knowledge base, and insights for your firm.

Give your law firm an edge

The CRM features that law firms love

A CRM will do wonders to organize any business. At its core, it’s a central data repository and a single source of information for your firm. However, it’s these features in particular that help law firms thrive.

Accelerate sales

  • Collaborate across the organization with centralized customer data
  • Grow your business faster with lead management and automated workflows
  • Drive greater ROI with tailored opportunity and pipeline management

Build Relationships

  • Understand complex organizational relationships with flexible record linking
  • Track frequency of interactions by linking emails, proposals and every interaction back to organizations and contacts
  • Increase sales velocity with a holistic view of what the customer wants and needs

Track key metrics

  • Create graphical data visualizations to reveal insights and monitor progress towards your goals
  • Share data across teams in easily digestible formats so your teams are all on the same page

Integrate with all the apps your firm uses

You’ve got apps for accounting, HR, communication, and more. Insightly AppConnect keeps everything integrated.

AppConnect puts Insightly CRM at the center of your law firm.

With AppConnect there’s no need to copy and paste data between apps, upload CSVs, or to write complex code—all of your apps are just…connected.

With just a couple of clicks your business data transfers between apps automatically making it a breeze to run repetitive business tasks.

Insightly can connect to hundreds of the apps you use every day like Accounting systems, ERP systems, HR systems, Helpdesk and IT systems, databases, calendars, and collaboration and chat tools. There are more than 500 different app connectors in AppConnect ready to go today and new ones are added every week.

Build automated workflows with 1200+ integrated apps

Privacy and compliance

We use Insightly to run Insightly, so we make sure your data is as secure and safe as our own. We work with customers every day to make sure that their data security requirements are met and exceeded.

  • Independently assessed for compliance to SOC 2 Type II
  • Single-sign-on via industry standard authentication protocols
  • Support for two-factor authentication
  • Encryption of data in transit and at rest
  • EU/US Privacy Shield and GDPR Compliance

Give your law firm an edge

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Best CRM for law firms: Serve Your Clients, Grow Your Business

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools have revolutionized how businesses maintain customer relationships, and law firms are no exception. Picking the best CRM for law firms, particularly those in high-activity US states, can be challenging given the plethora of options available. 

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For law firms, it’s all about finding a CRM that aligns with their specific needs and can create a seamless bridge between them and their client base. In the legal sector, CRM software serves far beyond just database management. It can efficiently assemble and display crucial information such as upcoming court dates, contact details, historical data, communication records, etc. 

More importantly, a customizable CRM for law firms lets them tailor-make the software per their unique needs. For small law firms, CRM software becomes a priceless tool. 

The best CRM for small law firms can help manage client information, streamline case management, automate mundane tasks, and drastically reduce time spent on administrative chores, making working assumptions more productive and less stressful. 

But, regardless of their size, law firms are businesses at their core, and the rudiments of successful business management apply. This includes efficient client relationship management – where a robust CRM comes into its own. CRM is not just about keeping a contacts database; it supports and streamlines business processes, optimizes efficiency, enhances client communication, fosters loyalty, and much more. It is the key to successful growth; the best law firms understand this. 

Corporate law firms that deal with large, multinational corporations and manage multiple concurrent cases can benefit immensely from CRM software. The best CRM software for law firms offers them quick access to client information, streamlines their time tracking, ensures consistent communication with clients, and provides automated reminders for tasks, deadlines, court dates, and more. 

CRM software has become an essential tool for law firms that want to stay ahead in the highly competitive legal market. By implementing a comprehensive CRM solution, law firms can ensure that they manage client data securely and uphold their privacy. This is particularly important given the increasing emphasis on data privacy and protection. 

For clients, the benefits of CRM software are clear. They can be assured that their data is being managed securely and that their privacy is being upheld. This is particularly important in cases where sensitive data is being shared with the law firm. By implementing a comprehensive CRM solution, law firms can offer clients peace of mind, which can help to build trust and strengthen relationships.

For law firms, efficient CRM management is essential for client satisfaction, retention, and repeat business. By using a CRM system, law firms can track client interactions, manage cases more efficiently, and provide better customer service. This can lead to increased client satisfaction, which can in turn lead to more repeat business and referrals.

In highly competitive legal markets, implementing a comprehensive CRM solution can offer a significant advantage to law firms. By using a CRM system, law firms can streamline their operations, improve their efficiency, and stay ahead of the competition. This can help law firms to attract new clients and retain existing ones, which is crucial in today’s fast-paced and constantly advancing legal landscape.The best CRM for law firms should not only help firms keep track of their client data but also enhance productivity, increase efficiency, and deliver superior client service—thus helping them stay a step ahead in their pursuit of legal excellence. From the smallest firm to corporate law practices, a customizable and intuitive CRM can be instrumental in creating thriving, successful practices.

Client Portal Software for Law Firms

The digital age has revolutionized every sector of our society, including law firms. In particular, client portal software for law firms has become a game changer. 

This innovative technology provides various benefits, such as enhancing communications between the firm and clients, facilitating seamless bill payments and appointment scheduling, and enabling an efficient document-sharing system. 

These vital features significantly bolster the firm’s operational efficiencies and foster higher client satisfaction. However, not all client portal software is created equally, and finding the right one to meet a law firm’s unique needs can be a daunting task. 

This brings us to utilizing best-in-class Client Relationship Management (CRM) software for law firms. One notable example is Insightly – a robust CRM software with a comprehensive suite of tools and features designed to streamline operations and build sustainable client relationships. 

Furthermore, CRM integration for law offices has substantially enhanced client communications, tasks and calendars, billing and accounting,, and case and document management. 

The benefits extend to auto accident law firms, where rapid response and efficient case management are crucial. Families, too, can benefit from this technology, especially those trying to navigate the often complex waters of family law firms. In this regard, adoption of CRM allows a law firm to manage their clients’ cases more effectively, providing a more personalized approach to each case. 

Choosing a CRM for your law firm is a strategic decision that should factor in the benefits of law practices. This includes better contact management, tracking of leads and prospects, opportunity management, improved workflow and processes, enhanced performance and productivity, and robust reporting and analytics.

These CRM benefits for law firms have tangible impacts, such as increased billable hours, improved staff efficiency, increased client retention rates, and, ultimately, increased profits. Another beneficial aspect of Client relationship management for lawyers is the ability to streamline and automate time-consuming tasks. 

This leads to saving lawyers’ precious time and enables them to focus more on their core task -legal service provision. Such a strategic move can set a law firm apart from its competitors. 

Insightly’s platform is user-friendly, and its customization options assist with easy adoption of the software. In addition to providing CRM software, Insightly also offers marketing automation and customer service software all in one platform. This means that law firms are provided with not only a tool to manage client relationships but also powerful tools to grow and expand their business. 

Leveraging CRM and client portal software has become of paramount importance for law firms. The onus is on the decision-makers in each law firm to choose the best CRM that fits its needs and guarantees a return on investment. Insightly might be one of the go-to options, considering its popularity and the rich features it offers. Undeniably, smart technology adoption is a strategic move that helps law firms stay competitive, grow faster, and build lasting relationships with their clients.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Much like any other industry, the legal industry is grappling with the challenges of digital revolution and technological advancements. In this modern age, the need for CRM is gradually becoming inevitable for legal practitioners. 

Acknowledging CRM’s crucial significance in law firms, we delve into the details of distinct CRM systems available for attorneys, unraveling their features, strengths, and suitability. CRM systems for attorneys are designed to ensure an optimal client-lawyer relationship. 

This enhances service delivery and promotes efficient communication and organized administration in law firms. The varied CRM systems available for attorneys are intrinsically developed to cater to the specific needs of the legal industry.

Legal CRM solutions

As we explore Legal CRM solutions, we must appreciate the inherent variations to accurately cater to the industry’s unique needs. Besides providing a centralized system that enhances the growth of law firms, Legal CRM solutions integrate distinct features that streamline the operations of the law firms. 

Legal CRM solutions help manage client interactions and track billable time, managing documents, scheduling, email marketing, and aiding in compliance with legal industry regulations. Therefore, CRM features for the legal industry are ideally crafted to simplify, maximize productivity, and enhance the efficiency of law firms. This includes data security features that prioritize the safety and confidentiality of clients’ information, a non-negotiable aspect in the legal profession. 

Integration of time-billing software to aid in the accurate billing processes. Likewise, contact management features ensure the systematic organization of clients’ details for easy access and effective communication. Reflecting on the discussed points, it becomes apparent that the right CRM system is crucial for a law firm’s overall efficiency and growth. 

Therefore, when selecting a CRM for a law firm, a comprehensive evaluation of the software’s features relating to the firm’s unique needs is necessary. While larger firms usually require more sophisticated, feature-rich systems, smaller boutique law firms could thrive on more straightforward CRM solutions. 

Consequently, law firms across the US, and indeed all other places, require a discerning evaluation to select the CRM system that fits perfectly with their operations, clientele, and industry regulations. Therefore, consideration should be given to CRM systems that offer features specifically designed for the legal industry, like Insightly. This will ensure an optimal client-lawyer relationship, fostering growth and promoting efficient service delivery in the law firms.