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Connecting restaurants & patrons in Atlanta

Insightly makes it easier for Atlanta Eats to coordinate the many moving parts of its sales organization.

Atlanta Eats is a multimedia company that serves Atlanta’s food and beverage industry. Founded in 2012, Atlanta Eats is best known for its local television program that runs seven days a week and highlights Atlanta’s top restaurants and bars. In addition, the company’s website,, and social media accounts have become Atlanta’s go-to source for food talk.

With increased sponsorship interest from restaurateurs and brand owners, the company needed a better way to manage its sales pipeline. “Before Insightly, we did everything with Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets,” said Jon Teplow, VP of Marketing and a Co-Founder at Atlanta Eats. “Spreadsheets created bottlenecks, which had a negative impact on revenue.”


The company needed an intuitive, cloud-based CRM at the right price point.


Insightly’s easy-to-use interface and powerful suite of tools have helped Atlanta Eats streamline its sale management process.


With Insightly, Atlanta Eats has transparency into the sales funnel and spends less time on administrative tasks.

Jon Teplow VP Of Marketing And A Co-Founder

Intuitive for everyone

Insightly’s usability makes it the natural fit for Atlanta Eats. “Our sales team had differing levels of CRM expertise. Some had prior CRM experience, while others had none,” Teplo

Insightly has been an amazing resource for our organization.

w said. “Insightly is the least intimidating and most user-friendly CRM that we came across.”

Customer support played an important role in a successful implementation. “We appreciate Insightly’s comprehensive support program,” Teplow said. “Deploying a CRM is a big undertaking, and Insightly worked closely with us to roll out the system.”

Pipeline transparency

Atlanta Eats now enjoys an enhanced sense of transparency, thanks to Insightly. “Transparency is a key benefit of using Insightly,” said Hannah Davis, Sales Associate at Atlanta Eats. “Insightly allows us to link records together and break the sales process into logical stages. Customer information, documents, and communication are all in a centralized location.”

As prospective customers express interest, their information is collected as an Insightly lead. Once qualified, the lead converts seamlessly into an opportunity.

“Opportunity reports help us monitor real-time progress in the sales pipeline,” Davis said. “We also use Insightly dashboards to track important KPIs.


By harnessing custom reports and dashboards, Atlanta Eats is creating a more accountable sales organization. “Insightly holds us accountable and delivers the intelligence we need to improve our lead and account management workflow,” Teplow said. “We’ve gained additional control over the process by tracking user productivity.”

Future efficiency

Moving forward, Atlanta Eats has big plans for Insightly. “We’re just scratching the surface of what’s possible with Insightly,” Teplow said.

Case in point, the company has recently deployed Insightly’s QuickBooks integration and is actively considering its options for email tracking. And, to streamline customer engagements, Atlanta Eats will soon launch the Insightly projects feature.

“Insightly has made us more efficient, and we’re excited at what the future holds,” Teplow said.

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