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Print shop combines innovative solutions with old-fashioned support

Insightly makes it easier for By All Means Graphics to impress customers with outstanding support.

By All Means Graphics was founded in 1985 and is known as the “hometown print shop” of Northfield, Minnesota. From concept to delivery, the company’s personalized approach to print design and production has kept customers coming back for more than thirty years. By All Means Graphics also publishes an advertiser-supported magazine, The Entertainment Guide, which reaches approximately 7,000 households and businesses each month.

Seeking to take customer satisfaction to another level, By All Means Graphics began evaluating CRM systems. “Before discovering Insightly, project and client information was spread across notepads and spreadsheets,” said Rob Schanilec, Founder & Owner of By All Means Graphics. “We needed a highly accessible system that provided a consistent understanding of clients and projects.”


By All Means Graphics needed an intuitive, affordable CRM that could streamline project delivery and customer engagement.


Insightly’s project pipelines and G Suite integration simplify the company’s day-to-day operations.


By implementing Insightly, By All Means Graphics has experienced a noticeable uptick in customer satisfaction.

Rob Schanilec Founder & Owner

Top-rated CRM

Online and magazine reviews played an important role in the selection of Insightly. “We invested in the process and spent considerable time studying the CRM market,” Schanilec said. “After analyzing many reviews from reputable sources, Insightly was a slam dunk.”

Project pipelines

Pipelines add efficiency to the company’s project fulfillment workflow. “Insightly allows us to handle many different types of projects with greater ease,” said Stephanie Juno, Customer Relations Manager at By All Means Graphics. “Pipelines and categories provide consistency and make us more productive.” Following a uniform naming structure for projects has increased accessibility. “Our jobs are fully searchable in Insightly, which is especially useful for serving repeat customers,” Juno said.

By linking projects to related documents and records, the company creates additional context. “Some customers only work with us annually,” Schanilec said. “Insightly helps us deliver a seamless experience by providing instant access to prior job tickets, notes, invoices, and other key details.”

Inbox integration

The Insightly Sidebar for Gmail reduces distractions and unnecessary data entry. “I’ve been very impressed with Insightly’s integration with G Suite,” Schanilec said. “The sidebar is invaluable for quickly saving correspondence, searching for existing records, and creating new records without leaving Gmail.”

Customer satisfaction

With project information accessible from any web-enabled device, the team at By All Means Graphics feels better equipped to serve clients. “A robust and accessible database makes us a more confident organization,” Schanilec said. “Internal confidence translates into customer confidence, which increases satisfaction.”

Looking ahead

By All Means Graphics intends to expand its use of Insightly. “Activity sets, advanced reporting, and dashboards will be very beneficial,” Juno said.

Choosing a CRM for manufacturing and a creating a CRM strategy for manufacturing has led to big improvements.

“Insightly frees up time for value-added initiatives,” Schanilec said. “Moving forward, we plan to reinvest this time back into the system and further optimize our use of Insightly.”

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