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Corporate and leisure travel innovator generates 4X ROI with Insightly over Salesforce

In an age when some travel companies are struggling just to stay afloat, Campbell Travel is charting a bold course.

Since its founding in the 1980s, Campbell Travel has maintained a firm commitment to continuous innovation in the field of corporate and leisure travel. The company’s corporate division, TravelSolutions by Campbell, offers a unique mix of travel management services and proprietary technology solutions.

This blended approach makes it easier for corporate travel departments to manage risk, control costs, enforce policy compliance, and create visibility. As pointed out in the organization’s value statement, “We believe in using every available tool and technology to improve the customer experience.”

With such a heavy internal focus on technology, it’s no surprise that TravelSolutions by Campbell has long relied on a CRM solution. Recently, however, the company found itself at a crossroads.


After several years on Salesforce, Lawrence lost patience with paying exorbitant prices for an “overbuilt” product that didn’t match his sales processes.


Insightly provided everything they needed at a fraction of the price — plus greatly reduced manual input with Workflow Automation.


The organization is better connected and automated, allowing for less time spent on manual entry and more time spent connecting with customers.

Robert Lawrence VP Of Sales

Renewal leads to CRM change

Robert Lawrence, VP of Sales at TravelSolutions by Campbell, had every intention of renewing his team’s Salesforce subscription. Having relied on the Salesforce Enterprise plan for

Insightly seemed like a much better value when compared to other systems. I quickly realized that Insightly could do everything that Salesforce could – if not more.

years, switching to another system never even crossed his mind. That is, until he saw the price tag.

“The proposal from Salesforce was just too expensive,” Lawrence said. “We tried our best to work with them and adjust our plan level, seat licenses, and add-ons. Unfortunately, we just couldn’t get the budget down to a reasonable amount.”

With affordability a key consideration, the team took a deeper look at its technological needs.

“To be honest, we were never one hundred percent satisfied with Salesforce CRM,” Lawrence said. “We always felt like it was overbuilt for our needs, and it didn’t make life easier for our sales representatives.”

Feeling as though he had reached a dead end with Salesforce, Mr. Lawrence began researching alternatives. That’s how he discovered Insightly CRM.

Happier, more productive users

Within days of implementation, it had become clear that Insightly was the perfect fit.

“Insightly aligns with our sales process,” Lawrence said. “It flows with how salespeople do their jobs. Insightly was clearly designed with the sales professional in mind. It just makes life easier.”

TravelSolutions by Campbell also enjoys a more productive sales management workflow.

“Our sales reps are engaging more clients and leads with less effort,” Lawrence said. “Insightly’s intuitive interface makes it easy to add new opportunities, capture notes, and track phone calls.”

The company is also harnessing the power of workflow automation to reduce administrative work and keep everyone on track.

“Before Insightly, sales reps had to fill out an internal form when handing off a closed-won deal,” Lawrence said. “We’ve completely automated that process with Insightly. Now, when a deal is marked as won, everything happens automatically without forms or extra steps.”

Sales reps aren’t the only ones feeling more productive. With seat license restrictions a thing of the past, users from across all departments are joining in.

“All departments reap tremendous value from Insightly,” Lawrence said. “Account managers use it to confirm customer satisfaction. Support agents use it to resolve issues in a timely fashion. Even senior management uses Insightly to track high-level metrics and KPIs.”

Freeing up CRM expenses for marketing

The switch to Insightly also created an unexpected budgeting opportunity for the marketing department.

“We were paying a lot of money for Salesforce CRM – approximately four times what we’re now paying for Insightly,” Lawrence said. “By switching to Insightly, we freed up additional capital that was immediately reallocated toward high-impact marketing projects.”

This new-found budget opportunity was put to good use, expediting certain initiatives that would have otherwise sat idle.

“In addition to redesigning our marketing materials, we implemented a lead generation program that has helped us drive new business,” Lawrence said. “Without Insightly, achieving these goals would not have been possible.”

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