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Healthcare company elevates quality of life in North Carolina

Insightly makes it easier for Community Care of North Carolina to manage relationships and report on quality outcomes.

With roots dating back to the mid-1990s, Community Care of North Carolina (CCNC) facilitates an innovative public-private partnership that unites regional networks of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, health departments, social service agencies, and hospitals. The organization supports a patient-centered “medical home” model to match patients with physician-led healthcare teams that work together to deliver enhanced care. Each day, CCNC collaborates with 1,800+ medical practices to improve quality of life for more than 1.7 million enrolled North Carolinians. CCNC’s award-winning complex care management program has saved an estimated $924 million from 2016 to date by decreasing hospital admissions, readmissions, and per-member costs. Compared to other patient targeting strategies, CCNC’s impactability-based approach to care management provides two to three times the return on investment.

To adequately prepare for North Carolina’s transformation to Medicaid Managed Care by 2020, the team at CCNC re-evaluated its relationship management and reporting practices. “Since our inception, we’ve contracted with the North Carolina Division of Health Benefits. Going forward we’ll be managing multiple contracts and rates with several prepaid health plans as well as our provider network of about 3,000 Physicians.” said Misty Davidson, RN, PCMH CCE, Clinical Database Administrator at Community Care of Western North Carolina. “Prior to Insightly, we didn’t have a centralized platform for managing those  relationships.”


Community Care of North Carolina needed a secure, cloud-based CRM that streamlines the management of relationship and outcome data to prepare for Medicaid changes in 2020.


Insightly’s intuitive interface, interactive list views, business intelligence dashboards, and easily customizable data structure made it the perfect solution for CCNC.


With Insightly, CCNC’s staff spends less time updating spreadsheets and more time on what matters most: Supporting our Provider Network in a consistent, programmatic way.

Misty Davidson RN, PCMH CCE, Clinical Database Administrator

Adaptable and agile

CCNC evaluated several leading CRMs, but Insightly’s ease of customization and stellar online reviews were determining factors for the team. “Salesforce and Zoho CRM were contender

Insightly adapts to our evolving business model by allowing us to customize workflows that meet our needs.

s, but Insightly offered the most flexible solution for tailoring the experience to our users’ exact needs,” Davidson said. “Insightly makes us much more agile.”

Users from across the organization experienced noticeable productivity improvements soon after implementation. “Staff consistently comment on how much easier their workday is with Insightly,” Davidson said. “It’s especially useful for remembering to follow up with physicians and capturing discussion notes.”

Insightly makes such a positive impact on efficiency that 86% of CCNC’s users log in to the system daily. Access  from any web-enabled device, including via the Insightly smartphone app, enables staff to quickly access information in the field as they visit medical practices in urban & rural areas.

Data reports and dashboards

Insightly list views and reports have dramatically reduced CCNC’s reliance on spreadsheets and inbox folders. “Dynamic list views have been a game changer for our organization,” Davidson said. “List views automatically adjust as relationships evolve and data changes, making it much easier for staff to organize their workspaces.”

Business intelligence dashboards provide CCNC’s management team with real-time, actionable insights for staying one step ahead. “We’re moving into an increasingly competitive market,” Davidson said. “Insightly dashboards help us understand and efficiently track our contract opportunities.”

Better data, better relationships

Getting all of CCNC’s data under one roof multiplies the value of reports and dashboards in Insightly. “We have users from all over the state of North Carolina,” Davidson said. “Insightly allows us to integrate our resources together, delivering a single source of truth that we didn’t have before.”

Accessing business data from any web-enabled device, including via the Insightly smartphone app, enables staff to gain a complete understanding of each relationship. “We now have a platform to manage and track relationships and the quality outcomes that we provide,” Davidson said.

Accelerating efficiency

Insightly will play an increasingly important role in CCNC’s ongoing reporting needs. “We plan to use Insightly to report contract deliverables to our payers,” Davidson said.

Third-party integrations, API access, and additional customizations will enable Davidson’s team to move faster with less effort. “We’ve recently upgraded our Insightly subscription to leverage  even more features,” Davidson said. “We’re also exploring Insightly’s integration with Office 365 along with a possible interface to our data warehouse.”

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