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Agency helps clients ensure brand congruence

Insightly makes it easier for Congruent Story to build a scalable sales organization.

Congruent Story was founded in 2015 and is a full-scale creative marketing team headquartered in Syracuse, New York. From conceptualization through design, implementation, and measurement, the company’s “brand first” approach helps clients achieve greater marketing ROI.

Seeking to successfully incorporate a sales component into its overall strategy, Congruent Story needed a better way to manage its pipeline. “Prior to Insightly, we didn’t have a formalized process for tracking leads and forecasting revenue,” said Levi Spires, Director of Business Operations & Finance at Congruent Story. “As we evaluated our CRM needs, Insightly’s integrations and reporting made it the clear choice.”


Congruent Story needed an easy-to-use CRM that offered the right mix of reporting, integrations, and functionality.


Insightly’s pipeline tracking, revenue forecasting, and productivity features have helped the company to scale its sales and marketing operations.


With Insightly, Congruent Story closes more deals and delivers enhanced levels of service to clients.

Levi Spires Director Of Business Operations & Finance

Pipeline management

Streamlined lead and opportunity management has expedited the time to value with Insightly. “As new leads are identified, we enter them into Insightly,” Spires said. “From there, w

Insightly brings structure and transparency to our sales pipeline.

e focus on converting leads into opportunities and converting opportunities into sales.”

Insightly pipelines simplify the tracking of potential engagements. “Some clients are interested in longer-term, retainer-based engagements, while others need help with specific campaigns,” Spires said. “Insightly pipelines are instrumental for keeping everything organized.”

Improved forecasting

Insightly’s “expected revenue” field is particularly important to the Congruent Story team. “Insightly builds accurate forecasts by considering each deal’s value and probability of close,” Spires said. “We use forecasts from Insightly to allocate resources and make smarter business decisions.”

Central source of truth

The Insightly mailbox feature enables users to collect records, documents, and emails without leaving their inboxes. “Insightly serves as a repository of everything that happens during the sales process,” Spires said. “This allows for a smoother handoff to project managers when deals close.”

A central source of truth also delivers value to the company’s leadership team. “With a few clicks, we can create and customize meaningful reports that track key KPIs, such as anticipated revenue,” Spires said.

Productivity enhancements

Congruent Story also enjoys a more productive sales workflow, thanks to Insightly. “Insightly keeps us organized and automates many aspects of the sales pipeline,” Spires said.

Out-of-the-box integrations with MailChimp and Slack have accelerated the efficiency. The company is also eyeing a QuickBooks integration, which will provide new insights during the sales process.

The right CRM

Choosing a CRM for agencies and a creating a CRM strategy for agencies has made all the difference.

From functionality to support and everything in between, Insightly was the right choice for Congruent Story. “Insightly is the best tool for us,” Spires said. “It organizes our entire sales process and helps us close more deals.”

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