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90 year old commercial lighting provider maps customer relationships

Insightly fosters a more collaborative and productive work environment at Creative Lighting.

Since 1926, Creative Lighting has served the needs of Minnesota’s residential and commercial lighting industry. Through its online store and showroom/warehouse in St. Paul, the company offers one of the most expansive lighting product selections in the Upper Midwest. In addition, Creative Lighting staffs a full team of highly trained sales and support associates.

With client trust at the heart of all that it does, Creative Lighting needed a better way to manage its multifaceted relationships. “Many of our sales consultants were using spreadsheets, but this approach was not collaborative,” said Tami Stauffacher, Marketing & Merchandising Manager at Creative Lighting. “We then tried Salesforce CRM, but we found it to be overly complex for our needs.”


Creative Lighting needed an intuitive CRM that could facilitate collaboration among sales, marketing, and customer service departments.


Insightly has become the company’s central repository of client relationship information and project management activities.


Creative Lighting uses Insightly to deliver an enhanced customer experience by fostering internal transparency and efficiency.

Tami Stauffacher Marketing & Merchandising Manager

Intuitive, flexible, & collaborative

Upon discovering Insightly, Creative Lighting was immediately impressed by the system’s intuitive design. “Insightly is very easy to use,” said Kyndra Roth, Sales Consultant at Cre

We’ve taken our business to the next level with Insightly.

ative Lighting. “We’re able to focus less on training and more on putting our CRM to good use.”

Sales consultants use Insightly to manage their leads, contacts, linked organizations, quotes, technical drawings, and notes. “We also utilize custom fields to track data that is pertinent to our specific business model and industry,” Roth said. As leads convert into customers, Insightly plays an equally important role. “Insightly creates visibility into each relationship, which translates into a better customer experience,” Roth said. “Everyone has access to the same information, empowering users to provide timely answers to client inquiries.”

Productivity enhancements

Insightly has helped the company create additional levels of accountability and control. “We’ve streamlined our order management workflow with Insightly,” Roth said. “Insightly projects let us track each order in the pipeline. Tasks ensure nothing is slipping through the cracks.”

Interdepartmental communication has also been optimized with Insightly. “With Insightly, we have the option to delegate tasks to an entire department, such as our customer service team,” Stauffacher said. “This reduces internal bottlenecks and makes everyone more productive.”

Alignment with core values

“Simply put, Insightly aligns with our core values of earning client trust, collaborating, providing solutions, and evolving,” Stauffacher said. “It’s a great solution, and it has solved many of the challenges we were facing.”

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