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Canadian vehicle rental company grows commercial sales 30% within one year

Insightly simplifies the commercial sales process

Discount Car and Truck Rentals Ltd. was founded in 1980 and has more than 300 locations across Canada. The company serves customers of all types, including individuals, businesses, dealerships, and repair centers.

Recently, the company’s commercial sales division decided its legacy CRM was no longer viable. “Our former CRM created a lot of challenges,” said Brian Tessier, Commercial Call Center Manager at Discount Car and Truck Rentals. “The system was installed on our own server, which created data accessibility issues.”


Outgrew their first contact management tool and needed a true CRM to help support a mobile workforce connected with call center reps, operators, and managers.


Insightly provided a powerful, easy-to-use, mobile and G Suite focused CRM that Discount Quebec could implement at an affordable price.


The company grew its commercial sales revenue by 30% within a year of switching to Insightly.

Brian Tessier Commercial Call Center Manager

Reduce administrative overhead to close deals faster

Seeking a more accessible and mobile-friendly CRM, the team took an assessment of its needs. “We compared the pros and cons of our current CRM and weighed them against possible rep

Insightly automatically synchronizes our email conversations, calendars, and documents and significantly reduces administrative work.

lacements,” Tessier said. “Insightly was the clear winner, as it had the right mix of features and affordability.”

“G Suite integration was an important feature for us,” Tessier said. “Insightly automatically synchronizes our email conversations, calendars, and documents and significantly reduces administrative work.” Insightly has also made it easier for sales reps to close deals. “We’ve customized Insightly to our sales process,” Tessier said. “The system is very intuitive, which keeps reps focused on the right leads and opportunities.”

Insightly has also delivered added layers of automation and control to the company’s pipeline. “We’re using Insightly workflows to create a more systematic pipeline,” Tessier said. “Our sales management team is prompted to review and convert qualified leads. This approach provides management with necessary oversight while empowering our sales reps.”

Looking ahead, Discount Car and Truck Rentals will be expanding Insightly’s role at the company. “As our needs continue to evolve, we’ll be adding more users and integrations,” Tessier said. MailChimp integration is currently at the top of the priority list. “Integrating Insightly and MailChimp will help us understand interactions with commercial clients.” The sales team is also testing Insightly dashboards. “Insightly dashboards will simplify how we track and monitor key metrics,” Tessier said.

At Insightly, we’re happy to support Discount Car and Truck Rentals in its mission of providing superior rental experiences.

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