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Construction firm pioneers sustainable, energy-efficient housing

eHaus helps design and build homes using Insightly project pipelines.

eHaus, a brand of ecoBuild Developments Ltd, was founded in 2010 and has become New Zealand’s leading Passive House construction firm. Passive House design, which emerged in Europe during the late 20th Century, is a rigorous building standard that emphasizes energy efficiency. eHaus pioneered this philosophy in New Zealand, helping countless families create comfortable, sustainable living spaces.

With interest in Passive House technology on the rise, the eHaus team needed a more scalable approach to relationship management. “We began offering licenses to builders throughout New Zealand,” said Glenda Brown, Director at eHaus. “Our network of licensees yielded many opportunities, and we realized that our spreadsheet-based tracking system was no longer feasible.”


The company needed a better way to manage client relationships and track multi-phase construction projects.


Insightly is the go-to source of customer and project information for the eHaus team and its network of licensees.


With Insightly, eHaus is able to securely share time-sensitive customer information, project details, and emails from Outlook, thereby decreasing confusion and increasing engagement.

Glenda Brown Director

A CRM that’s flexible

Seeking a cloud-based CRM that was intuitive and integrated, eHaus decided to give Insightly a try. “Insightly’s flexibility was a major selling point,” Brown said. “We quickly cus

Insightly has made a positive impact on our business. I recommend it every chance I get.

tomized the system to fit our exact needs. Insightly lets us track the demographic information that matters to us.”

And, because Insightly is completely cloud-based, eHaus can share relevant customer information with its licensees. “Insightly is our central source of truth. We no longer worry about licensees accessing outdated information,” Brown said.

Outlook integration adds value

To ensure everything stays up to date, many of eHaus’ users rely on the Insightly Sidebar for Outlook. “The sidebar feature has been very beneficial,” Brown said. “With a click or two, we’re able to save important correspondence from Outlook into the correct Insightly record.” In addition, eHaus has more than 50 unique email templates, which are stored and managed in Insightly.

Reliable features & support

Project pipelines have also been useful for the company. “We love Insightly pipelines and projects,” Brown said. “With Insightly, we’re able to break the customer process into two specific pipelines: one for design, and another for build.” eHaus uses pipeline stages and tasks to create accountability and visibility. “Everyone has greater clarity into each customer’s journey, thanks to Insightly,” Brown said.

Ms. Brown is also an advocate of Insightly’s support team. “Insightly’s customer support is excellent – we usually receive a helpful reply within 24 or 48 hours, which is impressive,” Brown said. “Insightly’s documentation is also a great resource.”

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