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Welsh training institution enables professional growth

Insightly makes it easier for Engage Training to stay in front of its customers.

Engage Training is the commercial training arm of Bridgend College, one of the largest education providers in Wales. With a focus on work-based training solutions for businesses and individuals, Engage Training offers a wide variety of courses ranging from agriculture to construction to digital literacy.

To deliver an optimal experience for each customer, Engage Training needed a collaborative approach to contact management. “Before Insightly, each department maintained its own record keeping processes,” said Helen Davies, Head of Part-Time Delivery at Engage Training. “We needed a centralized database of information that could be accessible to everyone.”


Engage Training needed a cloud-based CRM that could simplify the collection, management, and tracking of customer data.


Insightly is a collaborative contact management system that facilitates cross-departmental sharing of business intelligence.


With Insightly, Engage Training has increased revenue and improved its responsiveness to customer inquiries.

Helen Davies Head Of Part-Time Delivery

Customer management

Insightly is helping Engage Training to eliminate costly data silos. “Insightly is essential from a customer management standpoint,” Davies said. “It’s a much better solution than

Insightly has increased our revenue by making us more customer focused.

maintaining separate Word documents and Excel files.”

As prospective customers inquire about courses, each inquiry is captured as an Insightly contact. The individual’s email address, phone number, course interest, and other relevant details are stored securely in Insightly, thereby simplifying future follow-up and engagement. Once a course booking has been made, the contact’s opportunity record is then converted to “won.”

“From the initial request through quotation and booking, Insightly provides us with a scalable workflow for managing customer inquiries,” Davies said.

Revenue growth

Streamlined inquiry management has contributed to the organization’s revenue growth. “Insightly has made a positive impact on our overall sales revenue,” Davies said. “The centralized customer database makes everyone more productive and enables timely follow-up with leads.”

Insightly also makes it easier to engage customers at precisely the right moment. “When new courses become available, we reach out and encourage customers to register,” Davies said. “As a result, fewer opportunities slip through the cracks.”

Course insights

Insightly reports are also providing key operational insights for the organization. “Each month, we run reports for the number of inquiries and bookings, conversion rate, and overall pipeline value,” Davies said. “Insightly provides us with the statistical information we need to make informed decisions.”

Engage Training uses Insightly data to objectively evaluate course viability. “By analyzing inquiry and booking data, we can identify course preference trends,” Davies said. “Some courses become less popular over time, and Insightly helps us decide what to keep or pull.”

Enhanced satisfaction

Since the implementation of Insightly, Engage Training’s customers have noticed an uptick in the service they receive. “Insightly helps us deliver better customer service,” Davies said. “Customers have even more confidence in our ability to follow through.”

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