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IT firm delivers capacity-building solutions for financial services sector

Insightly makes it easier for Fifth Step to acquire, engage, and serve its clients.

Fifth Step was founded in 2009 and provides flexible IT solutions that enhance, extend, and magnify capabilities for clients. With offices in London, New York, and Bermuda, the company offers a wide selection of services related to IT governance, strategy, change management, infrastructure, security, networking, and systems development. Fifth Step’s primary focus is on serving the insurance, reinsurance, and financial services sectors.

To fully capitalize on business development opportunities, Fifth Step needed a better approach to account management. “Before Insightly, we relied on spreadsheets, address books, and our own memories,” said Darren Wray, CEO at Fifth Step. “Not having a centralized pipeline management system led to missed opportunities and lost revenue.”


Fifth Step needed a scalable CRM that could consolidate the company’s contacts, leads, opportunities, and communication under one roof.


Insightly simplifies the company’s business development activities, ensuring each opportunity is thoroughly pursued until the client’s decision has been made.


With Insightly, Fifth Step has become more efficient and effective, resulting in happier clients and enhanced revenue opportunities.

Darren Wray CEO

Contact management, simplified

Intuitive contact management has been key to Fifth Step’s success with Insightly. “Insightly makes it easy to link contacts and organizations,” Wray said. “Record linking provides

Insightly has helped us become an even more successful company.

much-needed context into each client relationship.”

For added context, the company saves client communication via the Insightly Sidebar for Gmail. “In addition to saving important email conversations, the Insightly Sidebar presents us with timely information about our leads and contacts.” For team members who are in the field, the Insightly mailbox feature is an equally effective way to collect contacts and emails. “Being able to BCC our Insightly mailbox is always a nice option.”

MailChimp integration adds another layer of transparency. “By feeding marketing campaign data into Insightly, we’re able to see an individual’s engagement with prior newsletters,” Wray said. “This type of intelligence is particularly useful when preparing for a client visit.”

Pipeline insights

Opportunity pipelines deliver strategic insights to Fifth Step’s management team. “We depend on pipeline data to inform many business decisions, such as capacity planning and revenue forecasting,” Wray said. “Our pipeline data must be accurate, which is why we rely heavily on automated Insightly reports.”

Daily, weekly, and monthly report notifications create accountability for users. “Automated reports help us ensure the accuracy of opportunity data,” Wray said. “Alerts remind users to revisit opportunity assumptions, close dates, and other related details.”

Client satisfaction

Insightly is also making a positive impact on client satisfaction. “Clients are happier because we have a deeper understanding of their needs,” Wray said. “Insightly helps us engage customers, make the most of their time, and generate value.”

Scalable for the future

Moving forward, Insightly will continue to play a pivotal role in Fifth Step’s growth. “We chose Insightly because it was scalable for the future,” Wray said. “Insightly is a powerful tool, and we’re excited by its potential.”

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