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Multimedia publisher promotes and delivers content to 1.5M small business owners

With each article undergoing an extensive 15-stage writing and review process, needed a more scalable way to produce, approve, and promote content. uses Insightly to manage the production and promotion of content. was founded in 2013 and provides small businesses with the information they need to be successful. With in-depth articles and how-to guides on everything from marketing to finance and accounting, the site enjoys a monthly readership of 1.5 million small business owners.

“Before Insightly, we used spreadsheets to track the editorial process,” said David Waring, Co-CEO at “Spreadsheets were overwhelming and created internal bottlenecks, which inhibited our growth.”


The company needed a more efficient way to manage its editorial process.


Insightly helps create a more scalable content pipeline by simplifying the routing, approval, and promotion of articles.

outcome has optimized its content management workflow, resulting in improved efficiency and operational insights.

David Waring Co CEO

Content management automation

Seeking a more automated approach to content management, the company turned to Insightly. “We were attracted to Insightly’s built-in project management capabilities and affordabili

Insightly custom fields allow us to track metrics that are unique to our business model.

ty,” Waring said. “The system is also intuitive for both end users and administrators. We’re able to manage and customize the system without relying on consultants.”

Enhanced efficiency has been a key outcome of moving to Insightly. “Our entire editorial process is now managed with Insightly projects,” Waring said. “Project pipeline stages help us create accountability and control for articles advancing through the production cycle.” Writers and editors aren’t the only ones using Insightly. In fact, the company’s marketing and business development teams leverage the system for outreach and monetization initiatives. “Insightly lets us share information across departments and serves as our central source of truth,” Waring said.

Flexing data muscle with custom fields

Data flexibility has been another important factor for the company.

“Insightly custom fields allow us to track metrics that are unique to our business model. We use custom fields to measure article complexity and other relevant data points. Custom field records are conveniently available within Insightly’s drag-and-drop report builder. Being able to report on custom field data has allowed us to increase productivity and reduce roadblocks,” Waring said.

And, when it comes to its readers, isn’t keeping Insightly a secret. “We now recommend Insightly as the best CRM for small businesses,” Waring said.

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