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Florida-based agency simplifies benefit management for business owners

Insightly makes it easier for Fringe Benefit Plans to understand and serve its clients.

Fringe Benefit Plans, Inc. is a comprehensive financial services firm that specializes in employee benefit programs, executive benefits, and insurance. Founded in 1969, the company is a full-service boutique agency, offering a variety of insurance and group medical solutions, retirement plan options, and related support services.

Seeking to systematize the agency’s approach to account management, Fringe Benefit Plans decided to implement a CRM. “Prior to Insightly, account management was done through Outlook and our shared drive,” said Bob Gravely, Interim COO at Fringe Benefit Plans, Inc. “Mistakes in the insurance business can be very costly, which is why we needed a more efficient way to manage client follow-up and support.”

Bob Gravely COO

Centralized account management

Although Fringe Benefit Plans is just a few months into using Insightly, the agency is already much better organized. “Anyone can go into Insightly, search for a contact or company

Insightly’s flexibility was a major selling point over industry-specific systems.

, and quickly get up to speed,” Gravely said. “This has provided a much deeper understanding of each account and will help us further improve customer satisfaction.”

Collecting customer and lead data is also simplified. “Insightly’s integration with Outlook brings the two systems together and adds efficiency,” Gravely said. “Saving emails and contacts into Insightly is straightforward.”

Process automation

Workflow automation is a big reason why Fringe Benefit Plans chose Insightly. “Customer service is a year-round endeavor for our agency,” Gravely said. “Insightly’s workflow automation features deliver accountability and prevent tasks from slipping through the cracks.”

Case in point, the agency is implementing workflow automation rules to streamline the customer renewal process. “We start working on renewals 120 days in advance of the renewal date,” Gravely said. “When renewals hit the 120-day mark, Insightly goes to work and creates projects, tasks, and reminders to keep our team on track.” Project pipelines add an additional layer of transparency by exposing each project’s status.

The company has plans to utilize workflow automation in tandem with its benefits administration system. “Employers have the ability to administer their benefits through an online portal,” Gravely said. “Insightly will be instrumental in educating users about the system.”

Workforce productivity

Team members now feel more productive, thanks to Insightly’s integrated task management. “Each user’s tasks are consolidated into a single view, regardless of project or client,” Gravely said. “Insightly provides clarity by systematizing our workdays.”

Centralized task tracking has an additional benefit from a client management standpoint. “We can show clients how many times we serviced calls on their behalf, which quantifies an important aspect of our value proposition,” Gravely said.

Excellent support

Insightly’s support team has played a pivotal role in the agency’s CRM success story. “The support team at Insightly is excellent, and we’ve learned a lot from our training sessions,” Gravely said. “They go the extra mile to answer questions and ensure we’re satisfied.”

The agency has also benefited from Insightly’s rich knowledge base. “We’ve answered many of our own questions by referencing Insightly’s YouTube channel and online support materials,” Gravely said.

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