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Innovative loan agency simplifies complex transactions

Insightly makes it easier for GLAS to understand and serve its customers.

Global Loan Agency Services Limited (GLAS) was founded in 2011 and is the leading independent, non-creditor provider of loan agency and bond trustee services. The company specializes in delivering streamlined solutions to complex transactions, administering more than €47.5 billion in assets each day.

Soon after its founding, GLAS implemented Insightly to accommodate a growing pipeline of new opportunities from law firms, banks, financial advisors, and other financial institutions. “We’ve been with Insightly since the very beginning,” said Samantha Dinnan, Marketing at GLAS. “With offices spread across the globe, Insightly unifies our team and serves as our central source of client information.”


GLAS needed a CRM that could simplify business development, customer engagement, project management, and reporting.


Intuitive contact management paired with integrated project tracking allows GLAS to stay organized, share information, and improve customer satisfaction.


With Insightly, GLAS has created a collaborative work environment that transcends geography and time zones.

Samantha Dinnan Marketing

Seamless relationship management

Intuitive relationship management makes Insightly a natural fit for GLAS. “Being a 24/7 firm is one of our key differentiators,” Dinnan said. “Insightly allows us to serve customer

From sales to legal to finance, everyone at our organization relies on Insightly.

s faster and more effectively by centralizing all of our emails, files, transactions,  and other details.” Insightly’s integration with Microsoft Outlook accelerates the collection of contacts, correspondence, and related information.

Maintaining a 360-degree view of each relationship also prevents unnecessary friction. “Team members have access to the client’s full history, which minimizes overlapping outreach,” Dinnan said.

Transparent transactions

Pipelines are useful for tracking potential transactions. “Insightly brings clarity to our business development initiatives,” Dinnan said. “We can easily see how many deals are still outstanding and which ones require follow-up.” Insightly Tasks create an additional layer of accountability in the sales process.

Once GLAS has been mandated by a client, the opportunity is then converted into an Insightly Project. “Our transaction team utilizes projects to coordinate important activities, such as legal documentation review, financial analysis, and invoicing,” Dinnan said.

Powerful reporting

Reporting is also easier with Insightly. “Insightly helps us increase customer satisfaction and awareness by delivering valuable business insights,” Dinnan said. “The reporting interface is very flexible, making it possible to report on just about anything.”

The marketing team, for example, keeps a close watch on deal-related metrics. “Insightly categorizes our deals by sector, jurisdiction, and client type,” Dinnan said. “We also use Insightly reports to track upcoming events and tag top-tier clients.”

Built for growth

Choosing a CRM for finance and a creating a CRM for strategy for finance businesses has made all the difference.

Looking ahead, the GLAS team plans to expand its use of Insightly. “Dashboards and additional reports are on the roadmap,” Dinnan said. “We’re also experimenting with Insightly’s MailChimp integration, which will help us create more targeted campaigns. Additionally, we will look to integrate our invoicing through the Xero plugin.”

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