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Global consortium transforms collaboration among thousands of technology professionals

Insightly helps the Global Presence Alliance deliver value to its member companies and their clients.

The Global Presence Alliance (GPA) was founded in 2008 and exists to remove the barriers of working with global teams. The organization achieves this mission through its consortium of 28 member companies, which employ thousands of technology professionals across more than 50 countries. Each member company follows the GPA’s protocols and procedures, delivering a consistent customer experience regardless of geographic location.

With more than 5,000 technology professionals spread across its member companies, the GPA needed a better way to manage and track global initiatives. “Prior to Insightly, we relied on an ad hoc referral and communication process between members and the organization,” said Byron Tarry, Executive Director at the Global Presence Alliance. “Spreadsheets made it difficult to capture data and identify opportunities.”


The organization needed a better way to track, manage, and report on referral opportunities, member engagement, and project delivery.


Insightly is helping the GPA create a more collaborative relationship management model among its member companies.


The GPA uses Insightly to enhance the value that it can provide to members, customers, and internal stakeholders.

Byron Tarry Executive Director

Adaptable to specific team needs

Seeking to streamline engagement and coordination with its members, the GPA decided to implement a CRM.

Insightly provides a comprehensive snapshot for each project, which helps global program managers follow through on commitments to clients.

“We needed a CRM that offered the right mix of flexibility, ease of use, and affordability,” Tarry said. “Most members already had their own CRMs, so we needed a system that avoided duplication but could facilitate workflows between organizations.”

Upon the recommendation of a member company, the GPA took a serious look at Insightly. “We chose Insightly because it was adaptable to our specific needs,” Tarry said.

Global opportunity management made possible

By implementing Insightly, the GPA has systematized the management of global opportunities and member referrals. “With Insightly, we’re able to break the process down into a 10-stage project, beginning with an initial opportunity and ending with the project’s successful completion,” Tarry said.

Choosing a CRM for manufacturing and a creating a CRM strategy for manufacturing has made all the difference.

“Insightly provides a comprehensive snapshot for each project, which helps global program managers follow through on commitments to clients.” The organization also utilizes task sets to automate stage-specific responsibilities.

Insightly has also given the organization an added layer of strategic transparency. “With the Power BI integration for Insightly, we’re able to export high level data to CEOs and executives at member companies,” Tarry said. “This has been instrumental for validating business value with alliance members.”

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