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London-based research firm delivers insights to investors

Insightly makes it easier for Hardman & Co to understand client relationships.

Hardman & Co is a leading market research and consultancy firm based in London. Founded in 1996, the company helps clients ensure that their businesses are understood by the investment community. Hardman & Co provides a mix of services in six key areas: company research, investor engagement, investor forums, capital markets advice, presentation training, and advisory services.

With relationship information spread across multiple inboxes and spreadsheets, the company needed a streamlined approach to information management. “Our company’s success hinges on our ability to establish solid client connections,” said Kirsty Macrae, COO at Hardman & Co. “Understanding each relationship is hugely important to us, which is why we chose Insightly.”


Hardman & Co needed an affordable, intuitive CRM that could serve as a central source of truth.


Insightly’s out-of-the box integrations, record linking, customizable pipelines, and project management features have yielded much-needed visibility into each client relationship.


With Insightly, Hardman & Co is better organized, more efficient, and prepared to accommodate future growth.

Kirsty Macrae COO

Centralized & actionable

By centralizing the company’s contacts, organizations, opportunities, and projects under one roof, Hardman & Co has created a scalable data management structure. “We work with

Insightly is a game changer. It provides the functionality of an enterprise CRM without the hefty price tag.

a lot of different people and companies,” Macrae said. “Insightly lets us link our records together, offering a 360-degree view of each relationship.”

Opportunity pipelines are particularly useful for tracking potential engagements. “We use pipelines to ensure prospective clients are followed up with in a timely fashion,” Macrae said. “Insightly reports and views give us a high-level perspective of everything that’s going on.”

Project coordination

Insightly’s native project management functionality has made it easier for Hardman & Co to coordinate key initiatives. “We host quite a few investor forums annually,” Macrae said. “Hosting a successful event requires significant coordination, and Insightly has definitely simplified the administrative aspects of event management.”

Project pipelines break the company’s event management process into a series of sequential steps. For added context, tasks, contacts, and other records can be linked to the parent project. “With a single click, we’re now able to see who attended prior events,” Macrae said. “This type of intelligence would be impossible to obtain from spreadsheets.”

Projects have also made a positive impact on client onboarding and retention. “As new clients sign contracts, we utilize projects to facilitate the onboarding process,” Macrae said. “In addition, projects help us track client expectations and ensure we live up to our commitments.”

Efficiency via integration

Hardman & Co has benefitted from Insightly’s connectivity to third-party apps. “Outlook integration allows us to efficiently add new contacts from our inboxes,” Macrae said. “We also rely on Insightly’s integration with Xero for invoicing and payment tracking.”

Insightly’s integration with Zapier is presenting exciting opportunities for the company. “We plan to connect additional tools to Insightly via Zapier, thereby making us even more efficient.”

Time to value

Choosing a CRM for professional services and a creating a CRM for strategy professional services made a quick impact on the business.

Insightly’s intuitive user interface has allowed Hardman & Co to achieve tangible value in a relatively short period. “It’s really a no-brainer when you consider the value compared to the cost,” Macrae said. “Insightly is highly intuitive, which expedites user onboarding and time to value.”

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