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Hurst Review leverages Insightly Professional Services to improve velocity, conversion, and reporting through marketing and sales activities

Hurst Review gains actionable insights and saves 20% by switching to Insightly

Since 1998, the female-founded Hurst Review has helped hundreds of thousands of nursing students pass the National Council Licensure Examination, a standardized test that every state regulatory board uses to determine if a candidate is ready to become a licensed nurse.


Hurst Review’s ability to maximize the power of their customer data, view sales activity and develop deep insights for their business was challenged by the limitations of their legacy CRM and marketing solution.


Switching to a modern, unified platform and engaging Insightly Professional Services to deliver seamless integrations improved adoption, reporting, and efficiency.


Hurst Review has improved sales velocity, access to actionable insights, and saved 20% by switching to Insightly’s unified CRM and marketing platform.

Keith Gardner Vice President Of Sales And Marketing

Switching from a legacy CRM to a modern, unified platform

Hurst Review had been using Microsoft Dynamics for over ten years.  However, the sales team was daunted by the legacy technology’s complexity and the poor user experience of t

It was seamless to work with Insightly Professional Services on these eight integrations. We sat down and told them what we needed. In each case, they said they could help us hit our goals.

he mobile app, and simply  wasn’t adopting the solution.  Instead, they were relying on the marketing team for assistance with customer outreach even after leads left the marketing funnel and transitioned to sales.  In addition, Dynamics wasn’t interfacing with their website properly, hampering campaign attribution and making it difficult to report on the metrics that were most important to the leadership team.

“Running so many workstreams manually for sales was consuming about 25% of my week, over a full day,” says Keith Gardner, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  He decided to review the options for a modern, easy-to-adopt, unified data platform, pulled in the VP of Technology to gain support, and pitched Insightly to the C-suite. “They saw the cost savings of over 20% and said that we should make the switch.”

Insightly Professional Services delivers on eight business-critical integrations

Keith and team knew they’d need the help of Insightly Professional Services to help them link business-critical user data from their website to the unified Insightly platform, driving more actionable insights through the marketing and sales funnel.  The Insightly team built eight lambda functions to help Hurst Review take advantage of their valuable web data:

  • Convert free trial registrations to leads
  • Convert event and information session participants to leads
  • Connect event and registration data from the Hurst site to Insightly
  • Build custom objects in Insightly, unique to Hurst’s business, and use that data to create leads

These integrations resulted in Hurst’s ability to translate their unique user data from their digital properties to Insightly and turn that data into actionable insights, driving improved velocity, conversion, and reporting through marketing and sales activities.

Keith was impressed by the level of expertise of the Insightly Professional Services team. “It was seamless to work with them on these eight integrations. We sat down and told them what we needed.  In each case, they said they could help us hit our goals.”

Aligning marketing, sales, and leadership with improved insights

Gardner’s ability to report on sales metrics has been vastly improved by the switch to Insightly. He reports to the C-suite once a week on pipeline and conversion. Prior to Insightly, he was pulling data from multiple sources and the process consumed half a day in data consolidation. Now, this data is visible at-a-glance in Insightly dashboards, making reporting seamless and driving improved insights into sales stages and pipeline development, in addition to aligning marketing and sales activities, driving higher quality leads and increasing average deal size.

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