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Consulting firm switches from Salesforce & HubSpot to Insightly

Insightly makes it easier for Innovative Management Solutions to manage the entire customer journey, from prospect to project.

Innovative Management Solutions was founded in 1993 and is a full-service project management solution provider based in Allen, Texas. Offering a mix of software, training, and professional services, IMS has helped thousands of companies implement scalable project management best practices to drive new levels of performance.

Seeking to increase demand for its Oracle Primavera software training courses, IMS began reevaluating its sales and marketing tech stack. “We had identified more than 11,000 companies who could benefit from our training, but implementing anything in Salesforce CRM was a very convoluted process,” said Roby Watters, Sales and Marketing at Innovative Management Solutions. IMS’ marketing automation system presented its own share of roadblocks. “Managing prospects in HubSpot was difficult, and the cost of the system seemed to increase every quarter,” Watters said.

After a thorough review of CRM vendors, the IMS team switched to Insightly.


IMS needed a unified sales, marketing, and project management platform to ensure a smooth customer journey from acquisition to project completion.


Insightly Marketing, native project management, out-of-the-box productivity integrations, and an intuitive user interface are just a few reasons why Insightly is the perfect fit for IMS.


With Insightly, IMS has achieved a single source of truth that’s enabling faster growth and elevated levels of engagement with prospects, leads, and customers.

Roby Watters Sales & Marketing

CRM & marketing automation in a single platform

Migrating all of IMS’ customer and lead data to Insightly’s unified platform eliminated the need for complex integrations and accelerated the team’s ability to engage at scale. “Ma

Preparing a proposal used to take almost 2 full days, but now it takes about 15 min with Insightly.

naging prospects is very easy in Insightly,” Watters said. “You can actually look at each prospect and see when they opened your message and what they clicked on.”

Insightly’s visual journey builder and intuitive email designer provided powerful tools for elevating campaign impact. Case in point, Watters uses Insightly Marketing to nurture 500 new prospects each month. “Any type of email campaign takes six or seven touches before you start to turn prospects into opportunities,” Watters said. “Insightly makes it easy to categorize prospective customers and ensure they’re receiving the proper messaging and training invitations.”

Integrated efficiency

Insightly’s out-of-the-box integrations with leading cloud software tools streamline the sales management process at IMS. “I love Insightly’s native integration with PandaDoc,” Watters said. “Preparing a proposal used to take me almost two full days, but now it takes about fifteen minutes with Insightly.”

Insightly’s integration with Microsoft Office 365 boosts productivity at IMS by providing inbox access to contacts, tasks, opportunities, and events. Connecting Insightly to Shopify via Zapier allows IMS to overcome data silos by capturing online transaction data into a single source of truth.

Seamless handoff from sales to onboarding

Converting Insightly opportunities into projects maximizes productivity and ensures a seamless handoff. “As a consulting firm, we need to maintain each customer’s data in one place from lead through project implementation,” Watters said. “Being able to convert opportunities into projects is a major reason why we signed on with Insightly, and we’ve been very satisfied with this feature.”

Building capacity for future growth

By implementing Insightly, the team at IMS has built a more scalable sales and marketing workflow to free up more resources for revenue-producing activities. “As a group, we all love Insightly,” Watters said. “Personally, I’m a huge fan of Insightly because it makes my life so much easier.”

To move even faster, IMS will work closely with Insightly customer success to leverage the system’s full potential. “There’s so much more we could be doing with Insightly Marketing,” Watters said. “We’re excited to see where Insightly will take our business.”

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