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Firm delivers stakeholder-focused approach to strategic communications & collaboration

Insightly makes it easier for Kearns & West to track relationships and visualize its pipeline.

Kearns & West was founded in 1984 and is a woman-owned collaboration and strategic communications firm. With offices in Washington DC, Portland, and several major cities in California, the company helps clients communicate their visions and create connections with stakeholders, customers, and employees. Clients from both the public and private sector turn to Kearns & West for a stakeholder-focused approach to strategic communications, digital collaboration services, and other solutions.

Kearns & West has tested many different contact management systems during its 34-year history. “We tried everything from an Access database to Outlook to spreadsheets,” said Amanda Roberts, Director at Kearns & West. “These solutions made it difficult to track outreach and engagement.”


Kearns & West needed a CRM that simplified contact management and business development.


Insightly’s intuitive interface and innovative Kanban pipeline view streamline the company’s day-to-day operations.


With Insightly, Kearns & West has achieved a single source of truth by ridding itself of cumbersome spreadsheets and other manual systems.

Amanda Roberts Director

Centralized contact & email management

Organizing everything under one roof has resulted in a more collaborative and productive workforce. “Our teams are spread across the country, so Insightly is an important tool for

Insightly is an excellent value, offers many powerful features, and is very easy to use.

keeping everyone in the loop,” Roberts said. “Team members now have instant access to the customer information they need, such as contact details, related organizations, linked opportunities, and recent activity.”

Saving and linking emails is also straightforward. “We use the Insightly mailbox feature to capture emails from Outlook,” Roberts said. “Insightly automatically ties emails to the correct contacts and opportunities, which saves us time.”

Interactive sales pipeline

Kearns & West utilizes Insightly opportunities to track potential deals. “We have a clearer picture of the sales pipeline with Insightly,” Roberts said. “The CRM allows us to make accurate projections and provides visibility into who is working on what.”

Interactive Kanban views offer an additional layer of transparency. “Kanban views are especially useful during meetings,” Roberts said. “They provide a high-level summary of the pipeline, which makes our meetings more effective.”

Easy-to-use CRM

An intuitive interface has accelerated time to value for the company. “Some CRMs are overly complicated,” Roberts said. “Insightly is very intuitive, which has enabled us to gain buy-in from our staff.”

Choosing a CRM for agencies and a creating a CRM strategy for agencies has made all the difference.

Value-added features

Insightly’s development roadmap aligns with Kearns & West’s CRM goals. “Insightly continues to unveil new and useful features, such as dashboards,” Roberts said. “It’s nice to know that Insightly is committed to an ever-improving experience for its customers.”

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