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Educational service agency empowers student achievement

Insightly makes it easier for Kent ISD to manage and track client commitments.

Since 1962, the state of Michigan has utilized intermediate school districts (ISDs) to create economies of scale. ISDs deliver a variety of programs and services in the areas of professional learning, special education, early childhood, science and technology, and many other disciplines. Today, there are 56 intermediate school districts in Michigan, serving 83 counties throughout the state.

Kent ISD, one of Michigan’s largest intermediate school districts, serves more than 300 schools, 8,000 educators, and 117,000 students. Offering hundreds of programs, initiatives, and services, Kent ISD needed a more efficient way to manage and track projects. “Prior to implementing Insightly, information was tracked in spreadsheets and paper documents,” said Rick Mushing, STEM Consultant at Kent Intermediate School District. “Although consultants knew what was going on at their own schools, there wasn’t an effective platform for sharing information or collaborating.”


The organization needed a cloud-based CRM that could deliver an enhanced sense of collaboration and efficiency.


Insightly offers valuable insight into each relationship and helps Kent ISD identify innovative solutions for its constituents.


With Insightly, Kent ISD provides a higher level of service with less administrative effort.

Rick Mushing STEM Consultant

Consultant support

With consultants specializing in everything from school improvement to career readiness, Insightly serves as an invaluable source of truth. “Insightly keeps all of our consultants

Insightly helps us continuously refine and improve our services.

in the loop and fosters an increased spirit of collaboration,” Mushing said. “Each consultant uses the system to track his or her client interactions, delivering a 360-degree view of the organization’s services and opportunities.”

Consultants leverage a mix of Insightly features to ensure data accuracy and integrity. “Users can add contacts from their inboxes by utilizing the Insightly add-on for Microsoft Outlook,” Mushing said. “In addition, integrations with OneDrive and Google Docs are convenient solutions for managing related documents.”

Insightly projects play an equally important role. “It’s common to have multiple projects with the same school district,” Mushing said. “By linking Insightly projects to related contacts, opportunities, emails, documents, and other relevant information, we’re able to create a comprehensive summary of each initiative and reduce confusion.”

Increased productivity

Centralizing client interactions into Insightly has also yielded a noticeable uptick in productivity. “Insightly helps us be more productive and better organized,” Mushing said. “Our goal is to provide the highest quality possible, and Insightly gives us the tools to track our services and identify gaps.”

Insightly’s intuitive UI, ease of use, and speed to implementation have accelerated return on investment. “Insightly provides users with an actionable game plan for what needs to be done next,” Mushing said. “From an administrator’s standpoint, onboarding new users is also straightforward.”

Client satisfaction

Simply put, Insightly has resulted in additional value for Kent ISD’s clients. “Our customers receive better service from us, thanks to Insightly,” Mushing said. “Insightly keeps us informed of client needs and helps us identify innovative solutions to meet those needs.”

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