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Utah company fosters creativity through sewing, quilting, and embroidery

Insightly makes it easier for Kimberbell Designs to coordinate successful events.

Kimberbell Designs was founded in 2009 and sells quilting, sewing, and machine embroidery products through retailers and distributors. Headquartered in Logan, Utah, the company’s products are carried by hundreds of stores nationwide. In addition, many store owners participate in the Kimberbell Academy program, which enables them to host Kimberbell certified events.

With an ever-increasing number of Kimberbell certified merchants, the company needed a better way to coordinate events. “We’ve grown very quickly over the past few years,” said Brielle Lowry, Events Coordinator at Kimberbell Designs. “Prior to Insightly, we tracked customer and event information in paper binders and spreadsheets, which was not a scalable solution.”


Kimberbell Designs needed a CRM that provided flexible tracking of customer relationships and events.


By linking projects, contacts, and organizations in Insightly, the company has built a single source of truth that simplifies event coordination.


Insightly makes Kimberbell Designs more efficient and productive, resulting in better events and, ultimately, happier customers.

Brielle Lowry Events Coordinator

Event management, simplified

Insightly projects have become an integral part of event coordination at Kimberbell Designs. “Our events have a lot of moving parts and require close coordination with store owners

Insightly is a big part of our business and has streamlined our event management process.

,” Lowry said. “We use Insightly projects to deliver excellent customer service by ensuring everything stays on schedule.”

Reports create visibility and prevent details from slipping through the cracks. “Insightly reports tell us which event-related phone calls still need to be made,” Lowry said. “As store owners provide updates about their events, we capture this additional information in Insightly projects.”

Relationship linking

Keeping track of complicated business relationships is easier with Insightly. “We’re able to create links between contacts, organizations, and other records,” Lowry said. “Record linking helps us to better understand store owners and their employees.”

Organization records, in particular, serve an essential role for providing a high-level view of customer activity. “Our team has instant access to linked emails, phone calls, and projects for every customer,” Lowry said.

Integrated efficiency

For added efficiency, the events team utilizes the Insightly Sidebar for Gmail. “We use the sidebar to save important emails and contacts from Gmail,” Lowry said. The integration cuts down on unnecessary data entry and boosts the team’s overall productivity.

The company’s marketing department is also putting Insightly to good use. “By leveraging the MailChimp integration, our marketing team can build highly segmented lists and more effective campaigns,” Lowry said.

Scalability for the future

Looking ahead, Kimberbell Designs will be expanding its use of Insightly. “Our product development team is studying how Insightly could help them track projects,” Lowry said. “Insightly has dramatically improved many aspects of our business, and we’re excited to see what else it can do.”

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