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Australian transportation company achieves 100% CRM user adoption with Insightly

Insightly makes it easier for Kings Transport to increase sales productivity and output.

Kings Transport, or Kings, was founded in 1991 and offers integrated supply chain solutions throughout Australia and New Zealand. With more than 800 employees and 1,300 drivers, Kings offers a comprehensive mix of services that includes document and parcel delivery, courier and taxi truck services, dedicated fleet placement, and home delivery.

With annual revenue surpassing $150 million and a rapidly changing sales environment, Kings needed a reliable CRM solution to support both the transactional and contract sides of its business. “This was our fourth iteration of trying to get a reliable CRM into our business,” said Bill Varga, Transformation – Business Excellence & Improvement at Kings Transport. “We intensely scrutinized 10-12 CRM vendors and narrowed down the list to Salesforce, SugarCRM, and Insightly; ultimately choosing Insightly.”


Kings Transport needed an enterprise-grade CRM that could easily adapt to the unique needs of the fast-paced transportation and logistics industry.


Insightly’s flexible user interface, intuitive smartphone applications, G Suite integration, and best-in-class training and support offered the right mix of solutions for Kings Transport.


Kings achieved 100% user adoption with Insightly, a milestone that has translated into improved productivity, elevated levels of employee morale, and better sales performance.

Bill Varga Transformation - Business Excellence & Improvement

100% user adoption in 60 days

After receiving the green light to move forward with Insightly, Varga and his team immediately went to work onboarding and training Kings’ users. “We opted for the Insightly succes

We intensely scrutinized 10-12 CRM vendors and narrowed down the list to Salesforce, SugarCRM, and Insightly; ultimately choosing Insightly.

s package and began going through a heap of online support documentation and webinars, which got us up to speed quickly,” Varga said. “We also began sending daily hints via email, established a coaching crew with subject matter experts, and put systems in place to ensure users received immediate responses when they have questions.”

The upfront investment of time and effort paid off. “We achieved 100% user adoption within 60 business days of signing on with Insightly, which is very good,” Varga said.

Increased productivity & morale

With all of its Insightly users actively using the system, Kings began to realize measurable increases in productivity. “Staff who utilize Insightly to its full potential experience an improvement in both productivity and morale,” Varga said.

Features such as Insightly’s G Suite integration, intuitive interface, and native mobile applications make life easier for staff across all of Kings’ offices and locations. Case in point, Insightly’s business card scanning feature accelerates the collection of leads and contacts, which frees up more time for revenue-producing activities. “The world has changed, and so has sales,” Varga said. “Insightly’s smartphone and tablet apps are interactive and user-friendly, which helps users be more adaptive to change.”

Streamlined sales management

Managing sales processes is also easier with Insightly. For example, a recent sales territory shake-up was expedited thanks to Insightly’s flexible lead and contact management capabilities. “Within two minutes, our sales manager transferred thousands of leads from one region to another, enabling the sales team to get busy calling with no wait time,” Varga said. “Before Insightly, this would have required significant work in a spreadsheet or simply been impossible.”

Insightly’s built-in data management functionality aligns with Kings’ customer lifecycle and buyer journey. “Insightly provides a platform to collect, store, and tabulate leads from our industry,” Varga said. “This allows us to easily filter lead records based on the forms of transport that they actually use.”

Enhanced data management creates a reliable ecosystem in which new hires flourish. “By the time new hires have completed sales 101 training and hit week four, they’re ready to pick up the phone and start sending emails,” Varga said. “That’s a massive change for our business.”

Built for future growth

Maximizing productivity and return on investment from Insightly is Varga’s top priority moving forward. Adding more Insightly user licenses and leveraging previously unused features, such as voice notes and web-to-lead forms, will help Kings engage more customers with less effort.

Exploring Insightly Marketing, Insightly’s integrated marketing automation system, is also on the roadmap. “We’re interested to see how Insightly Marketing can impact our business,” Varga said.

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