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Robotics firm switches from Salesforce to Insightly for increased speed, team alignment

Knightscope seamlessly migrates from Salesforce to Insightly, improving productivity and enhancing customer experience.

Knightscope is an advanced security technology company based in Mountain View, California. Since 2013, Knightscope has been building Autonomous Security Robots (ASRs) that deter, detect, and report criminal activity across the United States. The product is firmly placed at the cutting-edge intersection of self-driving technology, robotics, and AI – working together to secure the places where you live, work, and visit.

Today, their client roster includes Houston Methodist Hospital, the City of Huntington Park Police Department, Citizens Bank, and other high-profile organizations in the media and entertainment, technology, sports, and travel industries.

Challenged by the constraints of Salesforce, Knightscope decided to find a new CRM and marketing app to better meet the needs of their growing team and evolving industry. “As our team grows, we need our data to be centralized and for everyone to be on one platform where they can easily share information and collaborate with one another,” said Chris Reider, Director of Client Experience at Knightscope. “Our industry is rapidly changing, which requires our teams to evolve on the fly – we didn’t have time to keep waiting for a Salesforce consultant to make changes for us.”


Knightscope needed a simple, customizable CRM and marketing solution to help them build for the future and create business impact with little to no disruption during the migration process.


CRM features like workflow automation and project management, paired with marketing automation, made Insightly the right choice for Knightscope.


After moving from Salesforce to Insightly, Knightscope enhanced customer experience, streamlined processes, and improved productivity.

Chris Reider Director, Client Experience

Seamless migration process

Before deciding to switch CRMs, Reider and his team needed to overcome their concerns of losing data or impacting productivity during the migration process. “The biggest apprehension that we had was easily migrating all of our data from Salesforce to Insightly,” Reider said. “As a start-up, we had a lot of sales data from the early days of trying to get the business off the ground, and we were scared of losing something along the way or slowing down the business.”

The Insightly team worked closely with Reider to ensure a smooth transition, quick implementation, and fast time to value. “The process was much easier than expected,” Reider said. “Our Insightly customer success managers created a migration roadmap and walked us through every step of the process, which helped ease our minds before and during the transition.”

With Insightly’s one-click data migration tool, Knightscope’s data was quickly and painlessly exported from Salesforce and migrated into Insightly within minutes. “All of our data was preserved, and we were immediately able to begin customizing the platform to meet our specific business needs,” Reider explained. 


Unlike legacy CRMs, Insightly’s intuitive and straightforward user interface (UI) requires minimal training and enables users to troubleshoot and customize the platform independently.  “As an admin on the account, I can quickly respond to team members’ questions and make changes myself without waiting for a consultant to do it for me,” Reider said. “This has significantly improved our team’s productivity levels.”


Reporting is a critical component to many organizations, including Knightscope, and Insightly’s reporting systems allow customers to quickly build a vast amount of reports that help provide value to multiple areas of their business. “Being able to provide reports to our management team with real-time data was a key factor when choosing a new CRM, and Insightly makes the reporting process simple,” Reider explained.

Supporting clients with automated workflows and projects

For every company, delivering on what you promised is essential to staying in business and keeping customers happy. Knightscope leverages Insightly’s project management functionality to track milestones and manage processes throughout the organization. “With projects, I can support our clients while keeping our operations on track, ensuring we don’t miss anything,” Reider said.

To streamline business processes and execute routine tasks at scale, Knightscope utilizes Inisghtly’s workflow automation tools – something they didn’t have set up in Salesforce. “We’ve configured notifications to the sales team about actions they need to take, automated pipeline updates, and so much more,” Reider explained. “Using these automation tools has made a huge impact on our overall productivity and enhanced our customer experience.”

Unified Data Platform

Being able to store and access their data in one place and on one platform was a priority for Knightscope. By leveraging Insightly CRM and Insightly Marketing, their data flows naturally between marketing and sales activities, giving them a single, unified view of their customers. 

Insightly’s unified data platform allows the customer-facing marketing, sales, and delivery teams to always stay aligned as Knightscope’s customer relationships and touchpoints evolve. “Bridging the gap between sales and marketing has always been important to us, and Insightly makes it easy to facilitate open communication between departments,” Reider said. “We are excited to continue to capitalize on the tools that we’ve never had before. The opportunities within Insightly are endless.”

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