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Consulting firm helps medtech companies achieve success throughout Europe

Insightly makes it easier for medeuronet to manage client and project information.

Founded in 2008, medeuronet has a reputation for helping innovative medtech companies achieve liftoff in Europe. With offices spread across Europe and the United States, medeuronet delivers a range of consulting services that include product validation, market assessment, regulatory affairs, clinical trial management, health economics, go-to-market strategy, medical marketing, and much more.

Having served more than 100 medical startups since its founding, medeuronet needed a better way to manage its growing database of clients, leads, opportunities, and projects. “Prior to Insightly, we weren’t using a CRM platform,” said Mehdi Karim, Business Analyst at medeuronet. “As our database increased, we realized that our spreadsheet-based system was no longer viable.”


Medeuronet needed an affordable, intuitive CRM that could provide visibility into the company’s sales pipeline and day-to-day business operations.


Insightly offered the right mix of value-added features, affordability, and customization.


With Insightly, medeuronet has experienced an increase in productivity and a renewed sense of transparency.

Mehdi Karim Business Analyst

Lead tracking & conversion

Insightly helps medeuronet engage and validate leads with less effort. “Our lead management process matches up nicely with Insightly CRM,” Karim said. “We rely on custom lead statuses

We looked at eight different CRMs, and, in the end, it was a no-brainer to go with Insightly.

to ensure prospective clients are followed up with in a timely manner.”

Validated leads are then converted into opportunities. “Once the conversion process has occurred, we begin discussing contract details related to the opportunity.” By converting leads to opportunities, medeuronet preserves a historical view of prior outreach and notes that are connected to a given prospect.

Pipeline automation

Insightly pipelines enable medeuronet to foster scalability in its operations.

As an example, the company uses opportunity pipelines throughout its sales process. “Opportunity pipelines keep us on track as we work toward finalizing contracts,” Karim said.

Project pipelines play an equally important role. “Each consulting service that we offer has a specific pipeline in Insightly,” Karim said. “Project pipelines streamline the delivery of our services and allow us to see where we’re at with each client.”

Activity sets add an additional layer of automation. “Activity sets let us delegate in a highly efficient way,” Karim said. “Insightly delegates tasks based on our business rules, helping us to reduce the number of one-off tasks that must be manually entered.”

Data centralization

Centralized data management has yielded a number of positive outcomes for the firm. “As an ISO 9001 certified company, our data must be secure and accessible,” Karim said. “Insightly helps us meet these requirements.”

The Insightly Sidebar for Outlook expedites the collection of reliable data. “We want to retain pertinent information that builds intellectual property about our contacts and leads,” Karim said. “With the Outlook sidebar, we can easily add new records and email conversations to Insightly without leaving our inboxes.”

List management is also easier with Insightly. “By tagging our leads, organizations, and contacts, we’re able to effectively organize the people and companies that we work with,” Karim said.

Value & growth

Choosing a CRM for professional services and a creating a CRM for strategy professional services made a quick impact.

Insightly’s intuitive interface has led to a rapid time to value. “Within two or three weeks, everyone had gained a clear understanding of how to use Insightly,” Karim said. “It’s accessible to the entire team and frees up additional capacity for project delivery, which should lead to growth for the company.”

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