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Tech startup transforms mineral rights management

Insightly makes it easier for MineralWare to acquire, understand, and engage its customers.

MineralWare was founded in 2014 and is a top-rated mineral management software solution trusted by financial institutions, investment funds, foundations, family offices, and individuals. The company’s innovative technology simplifies the management of mineral rights, royalties, documents, and related information.

As a growing startup, MineralWare needed a CRM that provided the right mix of features and affordability. “Prior to discovering Insightly, we were using Salesforce CRM,” said Jeffrey Echt, Software Developer at MineralWare. “Salesforce was cost prohibitive at the feature level that we needed, so we began to evaluate other CRMs.”


MineralWare needed a CRM that was easily customizable to the needs of a fast-paced tech startup.


Insightly’s affordable plans, intuitive reporting interface, and integrated lead management workflow boosts productivity at a fraction of the cost.


With Insightly, the MineralWare team has achieved a deeper understanding of its entire business, from marketing to sales and customer service.

Spencer Albright Vice President - General Manager

Pain-free transition

After evaluating other CRMs, MineralWare’s choice of Insightly was influenced by several key factors. “Insightly’s transitional process from Salesforce seemed to be custom-tailored

Insightly gives us everything we need to create visibility and accountability at MineralWare.

for our situation,” Echt said. “Insightly’s helpful training programs and top-notch customer success team also contributed to a smooth transition.”

Instant pipeline visibility

Once the transition was complete, Insightly’s lead management features made an immediate impact on the sales pipeline. “Our website integrates to Insightly, allowing automatic ingestion of leads into our CRM,” Echt said. “We also pull in lead source data, which is important for understanding how customers find us.”

When new lead records are created by the system, Insightly’s workflow automation feature sends internal notifications to keep stakeholders in the loop and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

As prospective customers schedule product demos, the originating lead record is converted into a contact, organization, and opportunity. “Insightly provides clarity to our leadership team while lightening the administrative workload on our sales reps,” Echt said.

Data-driven insights

Customer acquisition reports and dashboards play a pivotal role in maximizing marketing ROI. “Insightly tells us where customers came from, how much they cost to acquire, and which channels are most effective,” said Spencer Albright, Vice President – General Manager at MineralWare. “The net result is better decision making and improved return on investment.”

Insightly also makes it easier to access data that maximizes campaign engagement. “Record tagging gives us the ability to target smarter, thereby increasing the chances of engagement,” Albright said.

App integrations accelerate efficiency

The MineralWare team relies on the Insightly Sidebar for Gmail to collect contacts, emails, and related records without jumping between systems. For added efficiency, the company also deployed Insightly’s QuickBooks and MailChimp integrations.

Immediate time to value

By all accounts, Insightly has been a big victory for the team at MineralWare. “Insightly is a great platform and delivered immediate value to our business,” Echt said.

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