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South African firm joins clients on a journey to financial wellness

Insightly makes it easier for Momentum Consultants & Actuaries to scale its business acquisition processes.

Momentum Consultants & Actuaries (MCA) is a subsidiary of Momentum, a leading financial services company based in South Africa. Since 1966, Momentum has experienced consistent growth both organically and through a series of mergers and acquisitions. Today, Momentum employs more than 5,000 people and operates in over a dozen countries across Africa and Europe.

Realizing the shortcomings of pipeline tracking spreadsheets, MCA’s new business division decided to implement Insightly CRM for consulting firms. “Prior to discovering Insightly, we had very little accountability built into our sales cycle,” said Ansela Poonisammy, New Business Coordinator at Momentum Consultants & Actuaries. “I am very passionate about Insightly because it overcomes the limitations of spreadsheets and helps us build a more transparent, scalable sales process.”


Momentum Consultants & Actuaries needed an intuitive and customizable CRM to streamline its opportunity management, pipeline reporting, and data collection.


Custom fields, objects, and page layouts combined with automated reports and business intelligence dashboards make Insightly the right choice for MCA.


Insightly delivers total pipeline transparency to MCA’s new business division, resulting in a healthier pipeline for a fraction of the effort.

Ansela Poonisammy New Business Coordinator

Real-time pipeline intelligence

Interactive business intelligence dashboards containing real-time pipeline data made an immediate impact on MCA’s business development efforts. “Insightly helps us work smarter,” P

Insightly is an excellent tool that saves everyone time and delivers the right data to accelerate growth.

oonisammy said. “Opportunity dashboards provide active feedback about the health of our pipeline.”

Dashboards also serve as an effective motivator for MCA’s staff. “Insightly dashboards are like a speedometer for our business,” Poonisammy said. “They paint a real-time picture of how fast we’re growing, which keeps everyone focused on moving the needle.”

MCA’s opportunity data is brought to life with Insightly kanban views. “Insightly kanbans make it easier to visualize the status of each deal,” Poonisammy said. “With the click of a button, management can gain an in-depth pipeline summary, which is especially helpful for tracking progress toward our revenue goals.”

Reporting automation

Poonisammy leverages Insightly’s scheduled reports to completely automate the delivery of 80+ data files to internal stakeholders. “Insightly allows us to customize the data and delivery schedule for each recipient’s reports,” Poonisammy said. “Insightly eliminates manual administrative work that’s typically involved with CRM reporting, freeing up my time to build more automated reports for users.”

Customizable data structure and interface

Custom fields and objects make it possible to adapt Insightly to MCA’s unique sales model. “I’ve worked closely with internal stakeholders to understand their specific data collection needs,” Poonisammy said. “Insightly lets us build our own dropdown lists to ensure we’re capturing relevant and actionable information.”

Setting certain fields to “required” has helped MCA avoid unreliable and incomplete data. “Users know that some opportunity fields are mandatory,” Poonisammy said. “Insightly enforces our data collection rules, which results in better data.”

Customizable page layouts reduce clutter and boost user productivity. “Everyone absolutely loves that we can hide certain sections in Insightly,” Poonisammy said. “Users can find what they’re looking without scrolling through a bunch of irrelevant data fields.”

Maximizing efficiency with Insightly

Moving forward, MCA has plans to leverage Insightly on an even greater scale. “I’m an advocate for Insightly, which is why it’s so exciting to see other divisions moving toward implementation,” Poonisammy said. “We’ve received very positive feedback about the system, and we anticipate that Insightly will add value to other parts of our business.”

Building more reports, utilizing the Insightly mailbox, and fully harnessing Insightly’s document storage capabilities are also on the horizon. “We’re excited by everything the system has to offer, and we look forward to our future relationship with Insightly.”

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