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Utility submetering and billing company boosts profitability for multifamily property owners

Insightly makes it easier for Multifamily Utility to track, manage, and scale its sales operations.

Multifamily Utility Company is a utility submetering and billing company that helps property owners reduce expenses, recover utility costs, and increase operating income. Consistently recognized on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing privately held companies in America, Multifamily Utility provides innovative software and services to property owners in all fifty states.

A few years into the company’s existence, Multifamily Utility’s sales team began evaluating CRM providers. “We chose Insightly over Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM because it offered the features we needed without the unnecessary complexity,” said Dawn Bennet, Director of Business Development at Multifamily Utility. “Insightly has grown with us every step of the way.”


Multifamily Utility needed an intuitive, yet powerful CRM to streamline lead and customer management activities.


Insightly’s ease of use, customizable interface and reports, and built-in task management provide the right mix of features for Multifamily Utility’s growing sales team.


With Insightly, Multifamily Utility has increased the effectiveness of its nationwide sales team by achieving a scalable lead and customer management workflow.

Dawn Bennet Director Of Business Development

Easy-to-use CRM

Insightly’s intuitive user interface accelerates new user onboarding and adoption at Multifamily Utility. “Unlike other CRMs that we found to be too cumbersome, Insightly is easy t

We’ve tripled our sales this year while ramping up hiring, and all of our new hires enjoy using Insightly because the ease of the platform reduces downtime.

o use,” Bennet said. “New users can jump into Insightly, effortlessly enter their data, and get back to work.” Insightly is so intuitive that 82% of Multifamily Utility’s sales reps actively use it.

The Insightly Sidebar for Outlook automatically surfaces key contacts, relationships, and interaction data into each user’s inbox, thereby enhancing an already convenient experience. “Customer and lead data show up in Outlook, which makes Insightly even easier to use,” Bennet said.

Adaptable for any sales pipeline

Insightly’s easily customizable user interface and data structure adapts to the needs of Multifamily Utility’s unique sales pipeline. “Our key business metrics are based on the number of apartment units, not dollars,” Bennet said. “Custom fields have allowed us to modify Insightly so that it adapts to our specific business model.”

Elevating productivity

Integrated task management offers an added layer of efficiency. “Insightly connects the dots between your inbox and to-do list and helps users accomplish more tasks,” Bennet said. “Sales reps can quickly click between tasks and linked contact records, which helps them prepare for calls in less time.”

Tracking sales-related tasks in Insightly reduces the need to jump between multiple systems and aligns all of the team’s data under one roof. “Productivity is higher with Insightly because all of our relevant data is easily accessible in one place,” Bennet said.

Global view of the business

Consolidating pipeline and task data into Insightly simplifies business intelligence and reporting for the company’s management team. “Each morning, Insightly dashboards tell me exactly what’s going on with our business while I’m enjoying my coffee,” Bennet said. “Everything is in real time, which means I can see exactly what people did on the prior day, week, or month for full transparency.”

Administrative reports deliver in-depth user activity analytics in Insightly. “Reports keep me informed about usage patterns to ensure users are staying engaged and entering their data,” Bennet said.

Company-wide utilization

Expanding Insightly’s usage beyond the sales department could deliver additional value to Multifamily Utility. “We’re looking at bringing on the implementation team, operations team, and billing team,” Bennet said. “Doing so would make Insightly our end-to-end solution for all business operations.”

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