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Tech startup reinvents pharmacy experience with cutting-edge solutions

Insightly makes it easier for NimbleRx to align multiple departments and achieve shared business objectives.

NimbleRx is a technology company that partners with pharmacies across the United States to improve customer access to medication. Founded in 2015, NimbleRx provides pharmacies with an innovative mix of delivery solutions and patient prescription management tools.

Seeking a CRM that could align with the company’s rapidly evolving business model, the team at NimbleRx decided to reevaluate its software needs. “We’re growing and changing quickly, and we needed a platform that could keep pace,” said Katie Roberts, Director of Business Operations and Strategy at NimbleRx. “Salesforce CRM no longer met our needs, so we created an interdepartmental task force to identify a system that people would actually use.”


NimbleRx needed a flexible, interactive CRM that could benefit users across sales, operations, support, and partner success.


Custom page layouts, reports and dashboards, project management features, and workflow automation rules make Insightly the perfect CRM for NimbleRx.


NimbleRx uses Insightly to engage more pharmacies, accelerate productivity, and foster alignment among staff.

Katie Roberts Director Of Business Operations And Strategy

Customizable and adaptable

After carefully evaluating several leading software vendors, NimbleRx’s task force unanimously agreed on Insightly. “Everyone brought their use cases to the table with the goal of

Insightly is a great solution for getting multiple departments to collaborate within the same workspace.

coexisting on the same platform,” Roberts said. “Since our processes and teams were somewhat fluid at the time, we needed a platform that could grow and adapt with us.”

NimbleRx leverages customizable page layouts to provide users with the exact information they need to be successful. “Insightly allows us to specify the fields that appear on account records along with the order that they appear,” Roberts said.

Increased user adoption

Insightly’s intuitive interface and helpful customer success team expedited onboarding and user adoption at NimbleRx. “We began implementing Insightly on a Monday and were live by that same Friday,” Roberts said. “Insightly is a very visual tool, which motivated everyone to buy into and use the system.”

Shared pipeline views and business intelligence dashboards keep users actively engaged with the system. “Insightly injects an element of competition into our sales pipeline,” Roberts said. “Sales reps can visualize their pipeline in real time and see how it stacks up to the rest of the team.”

Escalated user adoption and engagement is already having a positive impact on NimbleRx’s pipeline. “Before Insightly, our sales team averaged between 10 and 25 touchpoints per rep per day,” Roberts said. “Now, we’re north of 65 touchpoints per day with Insightly.”

Cross-departmental alignment

Sales isn’t the only team that benefits from Insightly. “Our business operations team uses Insightly to coordinate projects and provide transparency to the rest of the company,” Roberts said. “Insightly projects, tasks, and workflows help us collaborate to deliver a more streamlined implementation and onboarding experience for new accounts.”

Centralizing all of NimbleRx’s sales and operations data under one roof elevates alignment and efficiency. “Keeping everybody on the same page is so important, especially for a startup like us,” Roberts said. “Insightly keeps the lines of communication open, which translates into greater alignment and goal achievement.”

Maximizing output

Moving forward, Insightly will play an increasingly important role in NimbleRx’s growth trajectory. “Insightly helps us track activity, hold team members accountable, and ultimately drive output,” Roberts said.

Integrating Insightly to other business systems will further accelerate output and transparency at NimbleRx. “We’re exploring an integration to Zendesk,” Roberts said. “Pulling in support ticket data would make Insightly even more valuable to our support team and provide additional visibility to other teams.”

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