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Sensor technology Innovator brings color management into the 21st century

Insightly makes it easier for Nix Sensor to track, report on, and close deals in the pipeline.

Nix Sensor Ltd. is a Canadian technology firm and developer of an innovative color measurement product line. The Nix Mini and Nix Pro Color Sensors make it easy for interior designers, architects, paint contractors, graphic designers, homeowners, and others to answer the age-old question, “What color is that?”. Since the company’s founding in 2013, Nix Sensor has gained international recognition for its products, receiving the Red Dot Design Award and German Design Awards for Excellent Product Design.

With increasing demand for the Nix Mini and Nix Pro, the company needed a scalable approach to sales management. “In our early days, we relied on spreadsheets to track deals,” said Ryan Turkienicz, Sales Operations at Nix Sensor Ltd. “As our revenue and team size grew, we knew that we could benefit from a structured sales process.” The Nix team tested a few CRM solutions, but none struck the right balance of affordability and ease of use. That is, until the company discovered Insightly.


Nix Sensor needed an affordable CRM that is both intuitive and easy to customize.


Insightly streamlines the company’s day-to-day sales operations and offers key insights to senior management.


With Insightly, Nix Sensor has created a highly automated sales management system, leading to more closed deals and happier customers.

Ryan Turkienicz Sales Operations

Sales agility

Insightly made an immediate impact on the company’s sales operations. “We’re an agile organization, so we can’t afford to waste time on complex CRM configurations,” Turkienicz said

Insightly is intuitive, customizable, and affordable.

. “Insightly works out of the box and has expedited our sales process.”

Integrated lead management has helped the company cut down on unnecessary administrative work. “Prior to Insightly, we had to manually enter contact records into our CRM,” said Elaina Principato, Marketing Coordinator at Nix Sensor Ltd. “Insightly’s web-to-lead forms automatically create and route lead records on our behalf, freeing up more time for other value-added activities.”

User onboarding and training is also easier with Insightly. “We’re able to onboard and train users in less time,” Turkienicz said. “Insightly is very easy to use, which is important for a growing sales team like ours.”


Nix Sensor is using Insightly to build a collaborative workforce. “Everyone has visibility into each deal in the pipeline,” Turkienicz said. “Team members can easily interact and assist one another, which has resulted in new synergies and an increased close rate.”

Insightly reports help sales managers prioritize their work. “Each morning, I review our largest deals and those nearest to closing,” Turkienicz said. “I’ll then dive into the linked emails and tasks, helping me get up to speed before reaching out to the sales person.”

To preserve a 360-degree view of each deal, the company relies on Insightly’s Gmail integration. “G Suite integration works well, and allows the sales team to quickly capture customer records and interactions into Insightly.”

Strategic insights

Insightly also serves a vital strategic role. “At a high level, we use Insightly reports to gain a holistic view of the entire sales funnel,” Turkienicz said. “Insightly data keeps upper management in the loop and supports ongoing strategic activities, such as revenue forecasting.”

Capacity building

“Insightly increases capacity by automating the sales pipeline,” Turkienicz said. “As a result, our sales team is able to take on more leads, close more deals, and provide even better customer service.”

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