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Tech firm bridges gap between patients & community resources

Insightly makes it easier for NowPow to engage healthcare providers.

NowPow is a healthcare technology company that connects people to high-quality community resources. Founded in 2015, the company’s innovative e-prescription system makes it easier for care professionals to identify patient social needs, match them to community resources, and make closed loop referrals.

With demand for NowPow’s innovative platform on the rise, the company needed a better way to track inquiries from hospitals, health centers, and social service agencies. “Shortly after forming our sales team, we realized that we needed a CRM,” said Emma Roberts, Director of Sales at NowPow. “Using spreadsheets was not a viable option, so we decided to evaluate CRM providers.”


NowPow needed a CRM that was user friendly, affordable, and provided the right mix of sales and customer success management features.


Insightly streamlines client engagement by consolidating contact information, opportunities, correspondence, and business intelligence under one roof.


With Insightly, NowPow has built a company-wide intelligence hub that keeps everyone operating at peak efficiency.

Emma Roberts Director Of Sales

Time to value

NowPow’s first goal for Insightly was to migrate its contact management system off of spreadsheets. “Insightly had an immediate impact from an information management standpoint,” R

Insightly adds significant value by allowing us to track everything.

oberts said. “Converting our spreadsheet to contacts was relatively straightforward with Insightly, delivering an expedited time to value.”

NowPow began entering contacts and organizations into. Each contact is then linked to a parent opportunity, offering a high-level view of each relationship.

Since the initial implementation, the company’s sales team has continued to grow. “As we’ve added new team members, we’ve incorporated advanced Insightly features, such as pipelines, projects, and automated emails” Roberts said. “These features have provided additional value and increased our efficiency.”

Pipeline management

Opportunity pipelines have played a pivotal role in NowPow’s successful use of the system. “Pipelines allow us to track how deals are advancing,” Roberts said. The company follows a 10-stage sales pipeline, beginning with initial outreach and progresses through pricing, negotiation, and contracts.

Once an opportunity is marked as “won,” the customer success team takes over. “Our success team uses Insightly projects for coordinating post-sale activities,” Roberts said. “Training, onboarding, and many other follow-ups are managed with projects.”

Interdepartmental collaboration

Insightly has also simplified the handoff from sales to customer success. “When a deal closes, our success team has instant access to the full picture,” Roberts said. “Conversation histories, linked files, and notes are just a click away.”

NowPow relies on Insightly’s Outlook integration to save copies of important email conversations. “Insightly automatically tracks and tags our outgoing emails, which keeps everyone in the loop and reduces overlapping conversations,” Roberts said.

Business intelligence

NowPow uses custom Insightly reports to monitor key business metrics. “We’re able to build and customize the reports that matter to us,” Roberts said. “Insightly lets us pick and choose the columns and data points that we care about.”

Custom reports are particularly useful for analyzing the sales pipeline. “Insightly helps us stay on top of key sales metrics, such as opportunity volume, engagement, and throughput,” Roberts said. “Accessibility to reliable business intelligence has been a major perk of using Insightly.”

Built for growth

“Insightly will continue to play an important role in growing NowPow’s revenue and recognition in the market,” Roberts said.

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