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Training company helps elite first responders & athletes achieve peak performance

Insightly simplifies business development and project management at O2X.

O2X is an education and training company that helps firefighters, first responders, military personnel, and other tactical athletes perform at peak potential. Founded in 2013, the company leverages its proprietary “eat, sweat, thrive” methodology to fuel human performance. Since its founding, O2X has built an impressive client list that includes the US Navy, State Department, and FBI, along with elite athletic teams and countless fire and police departments.

With demand for human performance education on the rise, O2X needed a better way to manage client commitments and business development initiatives. “Prior to Insightly, we were using a very basic version of Salesforce CRM,” said John Hall, Operations Manager at O2X. “The system’s limited functionality did not meet our needs, which explained why so few of us actually used it.”


The company needed a CRM that provided an integrated approach to relationship and project management.


Insightly creates transparency at O2X and fosters collaboration between the business development team and operations department.


With Insightly, the company enjoys greater efficiency, less administrative work, enhanced communication, and, ultimately, better client relationships.

John Hall Operations Manager

Client engagement, simplified

By implementing Insightly, O2X has uncovered new insights into each relationship. “Creating links between contacts and organizations has made it easier to understand customers and

Insightly delivered immediate value to our company.

identify opportunities,” Hall said. Tracking client discussions is also easier with Insightly. “G Suite integration was a big selling point for us,” Hall said. “The Insightly Sidebar allows users to quickly save contacts and correspondence without leaving their inboxes.”

In addition, Insightly’s bulk email feature has made a positive impact on client engagement. “We’re able to bypass the time-intensive task of sending individual emails,” Hall said. “With Insightly, we can reach out to leads and clients in mass.”

Streamlined project management

O2X also utilizes Insightly’s native project management functionality. “As new opportunities are won, Insightly ensures a smooth handoff to the operations department,” Hall said. “Workflow rules, activity sets, tasks, email notifications, and project pipelines keep everything on track.”

And, since Insightly is completely cloud-based, O2X team members can stay in the loop from any web-enabled device. “We have a lot of people on the road,” Hall said. “Being able to manage projects remotely has been crucial for us.”

Business fit

“Across the board, Insightly is an excellent fit for our business,” Hall said. “It helps us create an enhanced sense of internal transparency, which has led to an improved experience for our clients.”

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