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Property platform automates payments management for rental agents

Insightly makes it easier for PayProp to achieve scalability from its global sales organization.

PayProp is an automated rental payment and reconciliation platform used by thousands of rental agencies around the world. Launched by the Swiss-based Humanstate Group in 2004, PayProp simplifies rent collection and outgoing payments, portfolio reporting, and risk management. Since its launch, PayProp has been used to manage 500,000+ leases, automate 20+ million transactions, and process over 6 million invoices.

Shortly after entering the UK market in 2015, the PayProp team recognized its need for a CRM system. “We’ve grown into a global business,” said Jason Davis, Regional Sales Manager at UK-based PayProp Limited. “With sales teams spread across multiple continents, we started looking for a CRM system that could deliver visibility and accountability.”


PayProp needed a CRM system that offered streamlined lead management, communication tracking, opportunity pipelines, and reporting.


Insightly creates efficiency by centralizing the company’s sales activity and KPI reporting into a convenient online portal.


With Insightly, PayProp has designed a sales process that is both scalable and transparent, resulting in increased revenue and an enhanced sense of collaboration among employees.

Jason Davis Regional Sales Manager

Sales pipeline management

“Insightly’s structure fits well with our business model,” Davis said. “Leads, opportunities, and contacts provide flexibility within the sales funnel.” As prospects advance throug

Insightly is amazing. It’s a sales professional’s friend.

h the pipeline, the PayProp sales team converts lead records into opportunities. “Once a lead agrees to a demo, we update the record to be an opportunity,” Davis said. “From there, we use opportunity pipelines to track next steps, such as additional demos or proposals.”

Insightly also helps PayProp size up each potential client. “We’ve customized Insightly to track data points that are relevant to our industry,” Davis said. “For any opportunity, we can quickly report on the number of properties, rent rolls, and proposed service fees.” Speaking of reports, PayProp uses Insightly to monitor key performance indicators, such as booked demos and upcoming “drop-ins.” “Insightly reports automatically appear in our inboxes, making it easier to stay on top of metrics,” Davis said.

Engagement automation

Insightly even simplifies PayProp’s engagement with prospective customers. “Bulk email scheduling has been an important feature,” Davis said. “Insightly lets us specify delivery times that increase the probability of engagement.”

When engaging on the fly, PayProp relies on the Insightly Sidebar for Gmail. “It’s absolutely brilliant,” Davis said. “The sidebar integration connects the dots between our inboxes and our CRM, allowing us to monitor engagement in real time.”

Flexibility for the future

Looking ahead, PayProp aims to fully capitalize on its use of Insightly. “At first, we didn’t use all of Insightly’s functionality,” Davis said. “It’s grown with us, and we’re still realizing its full potential.” Case in point, the company will soon deploy Insightly’s native project management features. “Our implementation team is in the process of switching to Insightly for customer onboarding,” Davis said.

Choosing a CRM for finance and a creating a CRM for strategy for finance businesses has been a game changer.

With PayProp eyeing an expansion to the US market, Insightly stands to play an important role. “The intuitiveness of Insightly makes it the perfect fit for our growing sales force,” Davis said.

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