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Digital marketing agency saves 40% in switch from Salesforce to Insightly

Insightly makes it easy for PCG Digital to manage complex relationships with car dealerships

PCG Digital is a digital marketing firm that offers search engine marketing, social media advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), and content creation services. Founded in 2005,  PCG Digital specializes in helping car dealerships leverage digital strategies to grow their brands.

Seeking to overcome data silos, increase collaboration across the organization, and reduce costs, PCG Digital began evaluating its tech stack. “Our sales team tracked their deals in Salesforce, which could not communicate with our project management and marketing systems,” said Jamie Paton, Director of SEO at PCG Digital. “Customer onboarding and engagement was difficult and time-consuming because we lacked a single source of truth.”


PCG Digital needed an affordable CRM to serve as the single source of truth across sales, marketing, operations, and every other department.


Integrated task management, easily customizable data fields, and intuitive record management made Insightly the right choice for PCG Digital.


With Insightly, PCG Digital has experienced increased levels of collaboration and productivity for a total cost of ownership that’s 40% lower than with Salesforce.

Jamie Paton Director Of SEO

Consolidating into a single source of truth

With the goal of centralizing all of its sales, customer, and project data into a single source of truth, PCG Digital turned to Insightly. “We wanted one system that could do every

We wanted one system that could do everything that we were doing with three separate systems, so we went with Insightly. Insightly’s price point was also very appealing and allowed us to reduce our costs by 40%.

thing—or almost everything—that we were doing with three separate systems, so we went with Insightly,” Paton said. “Insightly’s price point was also very appealing and allowed us to reduce our costs by 40%.”

Implementing Insightly was fast and painless, which accelerated time to value. “Within four to six weeks, we had moved all of our Salesforce data to Insightly,” Paton said. “Implementation was super quick, which allowed us to dive in and start using Insightly.”

Insightly’s personalized training and support ensured a seamless transition. “Our CSM from Insightly did a great job onboarding our teams, and we’ve participated in multiple follow-up training sessions to make sure that everyone is equipped to use the tool,” Paton said. “Adopting Insightly has been very straightforward for our users.”

Boosting collaboration & productivity

Insightly’s intuitive data structure simplifies relationship management at PCG Digital. “New customers are onboarded as organizations in Insightly,” Paton said. “We then create tasks and link them to the appropriate organization to ensure timely follow-up.”

Each task and record created in Insightly is automatically given a unique ID, which PCG Digital uses to expedite collaboration. The record IDs serve as shorthand for how users communicate with each other across multiple customers, projects, and workflows.

Organization linking in Insightly makes it easier to track complex client relationships. “Some of our clients are auto groups that have multiple locations, each having its own set of tasks and deliverables,” Paton said. “Insightly lets us visualize parent and affiliate relationships so we can better organize our work.”

Customizable data fields streamline the collection and sharing of contact and organization data, website tracking codes, and other important information. “Insightly provides us with a centralized, secure platform for our data,” Paton said. “Insightly is also extremely easy to customize on the fly, which means we don’t have to hire vendors at significant costs and time requirements.”

Elevating client relationships for a fraction of the effort

Flexible reporting in Insightly empowers PCG Digital to provide rapid answers to time-sensitive requests from clients about budgets and service delivery. “Vehicle manufacturers offer co-op marketing programs to help dealers advertise, but these programs can be complicated and require accurate reporting and documents for reimbursement,” Paton said. “Insightly maintains detailed records about the services we provide, which can be easily stored or exported as reports and shared back to the client.”

Choosing a CRM for agencies and a creating a CRM strategy for agencies has helped with speed as well.

For example, a client recently asked PCG Digital to report on every webpage ever created for all nine of its dealer locations. “Without Insightly CRM, gathering that information would have taken a full day, at least,” Paton said. “Now, with Insightly, it takes about 15 minutes.”

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