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Australian firm delivers innovative solutions to the construction industry

Insightly makes it easier for PDS Group to capitalize on business opportunities.

PDS Group is a leading construction project management company in Australia. Founded in 2003, the company works closely with developers from all sectors of the property industry, including residential, commercial, industrial, senior living, retail, hospitality, education, and more. PDS Group maintains offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and Melbourne.

With an ever-increasing demand for the company’s services, PDS Group needed a reliable way to manage its business relationships. “Before Insightly, we used spreadsheets to track potential opportunities, client names, and contact information,” said Amy Barrington, Executive Assistant at PDS Group. “Spreadsheets presented a number of challenges, especially when it came to ensuring data accuracy.”


PDS Group needed a web-based CRM that simplified every aspect of relationship management.


Insightly provides the company with an intuitive, one-stop solution for managing contacts, organizations, leads, and opportunities.


With Insightly, PDS Group has freed up capacity, reduced overlapping records, and minimized unnecessary administrative work.

Amy Barrington Executive Assistant

Pain-free implementation

Just a few weeks after signing up, PDS Group had successfully implemented Insightly across the entire organization. “Insightly is easy to understand and use,” Barrington said. “Hav

Insightly has massively streamlined our entire lead management process.

ing come from an organization that used Salesforce CRM, I was impressed by Insightly’s intuitive user interface.”

Insightly’s customer success team also played an instrumental role during implementation. “We’ve received outstanding training and support from Insightly,” Barrington said.

Streamlined workflow

Insightly made an immediate impact on PDS Group’s sales pipeline.

As new development projects are identified, the company enters lead records into Insightly. Once contact has been established and needs are understood, the lead record is converted into an opportunity. The opportunity is linked to a contact and organization, offering a 360-degree view of the relationship.

By utilizing custom opportunity stages, PDS Group has designed a pipeline that fits seamlessly with its business model. “Opportunities move through a multi-stage pipeline,” Barrington said. “This helps us track leads that are still being qualified, in proposal, or near closing.”

For added clarity, the company relies on Insightly reports. “Pipeline reports deliver a holistic perspective,” Barrington said. “Reports tell us which leads or opportunities are stuck and require additional follow-up.”

Data integrity

PDS Group also enjoys enhanced data integrity with Insightly. “Data in Insightly is updated in real time, making it more reliable and actionable,” Barrington said. “Spreadsheets could never offer the same insights that we obtain from Insightly.”

The Insightly Sidebar for Outlook has been particularly useful in capturing key data points. “Insightly’s integration with Outlook has made it easier for us to capture lead and opportunity details,” Barrington said. “We also use the Microsoft OneDrive integration to provide additional context.”

Making a difference

“Insightly has made a huge difference for our company,” Barrington said. “It’s improved our productivity, made us better organized, and helped us understand our customers on a deeper level.”

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