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Advisory firm maximizes ROI for property investors in Australia

Performance Property Advisory is a property investment company that helps investors find, assess, and acquire real estate in Australia. Founded in 2013, the firm provides a dedicated team of researchers and investment advisors to ensure client ROI on residential and commercial property decisions. Performance Property Advisory is also one of Australia’s leading independent research providers, routinely publishing extensive reports about the Australian real estate market.

With offices and team members spread across Australia, the company needed a more effective way to track and manage relationships. “We frequently receive client referrals from our business partners,” said Melinda Pantelis, Group Executive Assistant at Performance Property Advisory. “It’s therefore important to have a highly reliable CRM — one that effectively tracks client information, tasks, and opportunities.”


The company needed a CRM that was easily adaptable to its business model and simplified the administrative details of client management.


Insightly provides a one-stop solution, delivering integrated contact management, task tracking, and opportunity pipelines under one roof.


With Insightly, Performance Property Advisory spends less time on administrative data entry and more time helping clients acquire profitable properties.

Melinda Pantelis Group Executive Assistant

Streamlined lead management

To expedite the follow-up process, new leads are immediately entered into Insightly. “Client inquiries usually originate in email format,” Pantelis said. “It’s my job to enter thes

Insightly is the backbone of our company and helps us be more successful.

e as new contacts in Insightly and confirm information accuracy.” From there, tags and notes are utilized to offer additional context. “We use tags as a flexible way to categorize each client’s progress,” Pantelis said. “Notes allow us to keep a detailed history of each client interaction.”

Follow-up tasks are then assigned and linked to the appropriate contact record. “Tasks help us remember to follow up at the right time,” Pantelis said. “We’ve also connected Insightly to Google Calendar, reducing the chances of something slipping through the cracks.”

Integrated property tracking

As relationships advance through the pipeline, Performance Property Advisory relies on opportunity records to track client acquisitions. “We use opportunities to track the properties that clients purchase,” Pantelis said. “Each opportunity is linked to a client’s contact record, allowing us to better understand each relationship.”

To reduce manual data entry, the company has integrated its property management system via the Insightly API. This integration synchronizes contact records from Insightly, thereby eliminating data silos.

Such information is particularly useful when working with repeat buyers. “Clients often choose to work with us again in the future, so having quick access to their prior purchase history is key,” Pantelis said.

Operational efficiency

Performance Property Advisory has experienced an increased level of efficiency with Insightly. “Without Insightly, our business would be a mess,” Pantelis said. “Insightly structures our work, streamlines data collection, creates transparency, and lightens administrative burdens.”

Integration with PandaDoc has contributed to this newfound efficiency. “The integration pre-populates our PandaDoc files with relevant data from Insightly,” Pantelis said. “Insightly does the data entry, saving significant time and effort.”

Insightly has even made a positive impact on the company’s onboarding process. “Insightly is very intuitive to navigate and use, which cuts down on unnecessary system training.”

Primed for growth

“We’re entering an exciting phase in the company’s history,” Pantelis said. “We have some growth opportunities ahead of us, and Insightly will help us capitalize on those opportunities.”

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