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Dementia education organization takes positive approach to care

Insightly makes it easier for Positive Approach to Care to track relationships, host effective events, and scale its operations.

Positive Approach to Care was founded in 2005 and provides educational services, products, and training on the topic of dementia care. The company’s founder, Teepa Snow, is an internationally recognized educator whose innovative approach is trusted by families, assisted living centers, senior care groups, memory care units, and other care providers across the globe.

With growing demand for dementia care education, Positive Approach to Care needed a better way to track relationships and speaking events. “We receive a variety of requests from organizations seeking certification courses and other services,” said Amanda Bulgarelli, Chief Operating Officer at Positive Approach to Care. “Our prior CRM was ideal for smaller teams, but we needed a platform that could scale,” Bulgarelli said.


Positive Approach to Care needed a user-friendly CRM that was built for collaborative, mid-sized organizations.


The company uses Insightly to coordinate events, create accountability, engage customers, and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.


With Insightly, Positive Approach to Care enjoys better reporting, less administrative work, and a more productive workforce.

Amanda Bulgarelli Chief Operating Officer

Relationship management

Each team member has a unique Insightly CRM login, empowering staff to deliver enhanced levels of customer service. “We keep track of important conversations and emails by using Insigh

Insightly cuts down on unnecessary back-and-forth by creating a single source of truth.

tly contacts and organizations,” Bulgarelli said. “Insightly notes are especially important, as they provide instant access to prior interactions with customers.”

Contact tagging offers a simple, yet effective solution for list segmentation. “As people express interest in hosting an event, we tag them in Insightly,” Bulgarelli said.

Insightly lead records are useful for tracking potential relationships. “We compile lead lists in Insightly for future follow-up,” Bulgarelli said. “Differentiating between leads and contacts allows us to keep data clean and organized.”

Event coordination

Projects play an important role in the company’s event management workflow. “We use Insightly projects to coordinate all of our events,” Bulgarelli said. “Insightly gives us an at-a-glance calendar view that helps us see the bigger picture.”

Tasks create accountability and streamline the delegation process. “Team members know exactly what they’re supposed to be doing, thanks to Insightly tasks,” Bulgarelli said. “Linking tasks to projects provides an additional layer of context and reduces unnecessary emails.”

Total transparency

Insightly reports have accelerated the time to value. “Reporting is very easy with Insightly,” Bulgarelli said. “We’re able to glean much richer insights for a fraction of the effort.”

Case in point, the company’s finance department relies on Insightly to track expected revenue versus actual. Event managers reference Insightly reports to ensure nothing falls behind.

Excellent support

Choosing a CRM for professional services and a creating a CRM for strategy professional services has made all the difference.

Top-tier support, training, and documentation made for a smooth transition. “Insightly offers a robust library of videos and self-help materials,” Bulgarelli said. “We’ve also had a positive experience with Insightly’s customer success team.”

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