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San Diego company contributing to safer households & communities

Insightly makes it easier for PWG to engage customers and scale its operations.

PWG was founded in 2009 to provide safe and discreet personal protection training for Southern California’s most influential individuals. Since its founding, PWG has expanded its reach to now serve the general public, law enforcement officers, and military personnel. The company’s 42,000 square foot training and retail facility in San Diego is the third largest of its kind in the United States. Each year, more than 200,000 guests visit PWG for cutting-edge personal protection gear and training.

With hundreds of new visitors to the store each day, the company needed a better way to manage its growing customer list. “We had tried Salesforce CRM, but it was far too complex for our needs,” said John Phillips, President & Founder at PWG. “We needed an easy-to-use CRM that was built specifically for growing businesses like ours.”


The company needed a CRM that offered the perfect blend of features and affordability.


Insightly’s workflow automation, open API, and Office 365 integration provided the right solution for PWG.


PWG uses Insightly to engage more customers with less effort, resulting in increased revenue and enhanced loyalty.

John Phillips President & Founder

Automated lead engagement

PWG’s initial goal for Insightly was focused on increasing engagement. “Insightly allows us to automate many aspects of our marketing campaigns,” Phillips said. “The system’s flexi

Insightly’s Outlook integration saves time and keeps everyone on the same page.

ble structure makes it easy to track data points that are specific to our business, such as the individual’s experience level and product interests.”

PWG automates the collection of this data via Insightly’s open API and out-of-the-box integrations. “We routinely run SMS text promotions that are very effective at engaging prospective customers,” Phillips said. “Prospects are prompted to share their information by submitting a JotForm form, which connects to Insightly.” For each form submission, Insightly automatically creates a matching lead record and triggers a workflow that initiates next steps.

Leads are also added to automated nurture campaigns. “Insightly’s integration with MailChimp lets us design highly targeted drip sequences, ensuring leads stay warm.” Phillips said.

Encouraging repeat sales

Upselling and cross-selling is also simplified with Insightly. “We’re encouraging more repeat business with Insightly,” Phillips said. “Connecting our point of sale system to Insightly has led to an increase in subsequent course sign ups.”

PWG plans to expand this integration to the retail side of its business. “As customers buy certain products, we’ll be able to recommend complementary products that meet their needs,” Phillips said.

Back-office efficiencies

In addition to streamlining its sales and marketing processes, PWG utilizes Insightly to manage vendor relationships. “We’re an Office 365 organization, so we use the Outlook integration extensively,” Phillips said. “Insightly’s inbox integration captures key vendor interactions and saves them to a centralized repository.”

Employee records are also organized with Insightly. “We use the Outlook integration to save employee-related discussions and files,” Phillips said. “Insightly serves as a go-to source of information for the management team and helps us make informed staffing decisions.”

Built for growing businesses

“Insightly is not just a CRM for small businesses – it’s a CRM for growing businesses,” Phillips said. “As your company grows, it grows with you. It’s a great platform.”

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