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Nonprofit accelerates economic and community development in Australia

Insightly makes it easier for Regional Development Australia Yorke and Mid North to report on the services it provides.

Regional Development Australia Yorke and Mid North (“RDAYMN”) is part of a national network of committees focused on strengthening development in Australia. RDAYMN’s team works closely with private and public sector leaders in Southern Australia to foster economic growth, advocate for public infrastructure, encourage tourism, and ensure sustainable workforce opportunities.

As a publicly funded organization, RDAYMN needed a better way to track its services. “Reporting is vital for us, especially when it comes to the services we provide the community,” said Joanne Buchanan, Economic & Regional Development Officer at Regional Development Australia Yorke and Mid North. “Our spreadsheet-based system made it difficult to track important KPIs, such as businesses served and grants assisted with.”


RDAYMN needed a CRM that delivered an all-in-one solution to project management and relationship tracking.


Insightly provides on-demand visibility into the organization’s key performance indicators and productivity metrics.


With Insightly, RDAYMN spends less time on manual data entry and more time engaging community leaders.

Joanne Buchanan Economic & Regional Development Officer

Intuitive CRM

RDAYMN considered several competing CRM products prior to deciding on Insightly. “We looked at a range of CRM products, but ultimately Insightly was the best fit for us,” Buchanan

The more data you put into Insightly, the more value you get out of the system.

said. “Insightly is very user-friendly, and, unlike a spreadsheet, you can’t break it.”

Streamlined reporting

Customizable reports and dashboards solve a major challenge for the organization. “Insightly helps us demonstrate the breadth of the activities we perform,” Buchanan said. “We can easily drill down by activity type and user to build meaningful reports for stakeholders.”

Tasks and projects are an integral part of the organization’s tracking workflow. Tasks create accountability for appointments, teleconferences, and grant follow-up. Projects streamline larger initiatives that span multiple weeks or months. Linking tasks and projects delivers an additional layer of transparency.

Productivity enhancements

Activity tracking has led to internal efficiency as well. “Insightly inspires our staff to reach new heights,” Buchanan said. “Team members can visualize their productivity data and compare it to their colleagues, which serves as an excellent form of motivation.”

Exposing productivity reports also serves as an effective way to maintain data integrity. “Staff members understand that if they forget to input data, they won’t appear in the reports,” Buchanan said.

Insightly helps us capture more data, which yields more meaningful reports for our stakeholders.

Integrated data entry

Choosing a CRM for professional services and a creating a CRM for strategy professional services has made all the difference.

The Insightly Sidebar for Outlook simplifies the collection of contact records, emails, tasks, and project-related information. For on-the-go efficiency, many team members at RDAYMN rely on the Insightly smartphone app.

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