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Interim management & advisory firm creates long-term value for clients

Insightly makes it easier for SierraConstellation Partners to track and manage client relationships.

SierraConstellation Partners (SCP) is an interim management and advisory firm serving middle-market companies and their partners and investors that are navigating their way through difficult business challenges. Founded in 2013, the firm maintains client relationships across many industries, including automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, technology, and transportation.

With growing demand for its services, SCP needed a more efficient solution for tracking client opportunities and relationships. “Prior to Insightly CRM, each consultant maintained his or her own spreadsheet,” said Tammy Levine, Marketing Manager at SierraConstellation Partners. “Not having a shared database made it difficult to understand our clients and achieve marketing goals.”


The firm needed a collaborative CRM that could simplify contact management, opportunity tracking, and project delivery.


Insightly provides SCP with a 360-degree view of each client relationship, from initial referral through successful engagement.


By implementing Insightly, the firm has built a cohesive sales and marketing information system, providing tangible value for in-house consultants and marketing staff.

Tammy Levine Marketing Manager

Delivering value to consultants

Obtaining consultant buy-in was SCP’s first priority when deploying Insightly. “Insightly offers significant value to our consultants,” Levine said. “We’ve worked diligently to tra

Insightly is inspiring. It inspires everyone to go out and network.

nsition our client management process out of spreadsheets and into Insightly.” This transition is already paying dividends for the firm. “Consultants now have access to a company-wide perspective, regardless of the industry or geographic location that they’re focused on,” Levine said.

Day forward, consultants are using Insightly to track their contact records, client discussions, emails, and notes. Insightly’s mobile app and Outlook integration have made it easier to capture information while on the go.

Opportunity records are particularly useful to consultants. “Consultants use opportunities to coordinate upcoming pitches,” Levine said. “Once pitched, we either convert the opportunity to a new project, or we mark it as lost.” Lost opportunity reports serve as a useful data point for continuous improvement.

Seamless transition to projects

Additional insights are gained by converting opportunities into projects. “Custom field data is preserved through the conversion process,” Levine said. “This allows us to track important details, such as referral source and industry.”

Insightly’s project management feature has also impacted SCP’s approach to capacity planning. “Consultants have visibility into each project’s staffing,” Levine said. “We’re becoming more agile, and we’re fostering a renewed sense of collaboration.”

Targeted marketing

When it comes to Insightly, SCP’s consultants aren’t the only stakeholders at the firm. “As a marketer, ensuring data integrity is key,” Levine said. “We work closely with our consultants to confirm the accuracy of client information.” Ms. Levine uses this information to send timely email communication. “With Insightly’s MailChimp integration, we’re able to push out highly relevant announcements and newsletters without manually importing or exporting data,” Levine said.

Insightly tags and filters offer additional layers of segmentation. “With just a few clicks, we can easily build a campaign for a specific consultant’s contact list,” Levine said.

Intuitive design, unlimited potential

They quickly learned that Insightly is the ideal CRM for financial services. Looking ahead, SCP plans to drive additional value from Insightly. “Insightly is a user-friendly platform and has contributed to our collective knowledge,” Levine said. “We’re only starting to realize the full potential of Insightly.”

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