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Insightly makes it easier for SNP Communications to track relationships, projects, and internal initiatives.

SNP Communications was founded in 1992 and provides content, coaching, and creative services for some of the most recognizable brands. Since producing the world’s first podcast in 1994, the company’s service suite has expanded to include a variety of solutions, including video production, speech writing, and web design. Based in San Francisco, the company has locations in New York City and Dublin, Ireland.

With a global team of more than forty employees and countless skilled subcontractors, SNP Communications was looking for a better way to stay organized. “Contractor, customer, and project information was spread across spreadsheets and inboxes,” said Jonathan De la Paz, Director of Operations at SNP Communications. “There wasn’t a single source of truth, which made it difficult for everyone to do their jobs.”


The company needed a better way to track relationships and manage projects.


Insightly helps SNP Communications achieve a more scalable service model by consolidating the company’s relationships, opportunities, and projects under one roof.


With Insightly, SNP Communications has built a flexible and transparent business management system, delivering new efficiencies and less redundancy.

Jonathan De La Paz Director Of Operations

Transparency leads to efficiency

Seeking a more efficient management structure, the team turned to Insightly. “Our first goal with Insightly was to foster internal transparency,” De la Paz said. “Each team member

Insightly is easily customizable to your exact needs – even if you’re not a programmer.

was added as a contact record in Insightly, yielding a searchable database of accurate information.”

Beyond contact management, Insightly’s sales and project management features have proven invaluable for the company. “We’ve built a proprietary customer management platform with Insightly,” De la Paz said. “Rather than relying on siloed data that resides in spreadsheets or inboxes, our team has instant visibility into each lead, opportunity, and project. This helps us deliver on promises to customers and identify new revenue opportunities.”

Business automation

SNP Communications also leverages Insightly’s Zapier integration to automate time-consuming processes. “Insightly has become an integral part of our onboarding process,” De la Paz said. “We’ve converted our spreadsheet-based system into Insightly projects. Tasks and milestones create accountability and help us visualize new hire progress.”

Choosing a CRM for agencies and a creating a CRM strategy for agencies has made all the difference.

Moving forward, the company plans to expand its use of Insightly. “We’re excited to see how the product will continue to evolve,” De la Paz said. “Insightly is more than just a CRM, which makes it the perfect solution for a growing business like us.”

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