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Woman-owned start-up brings custom socks to the masses

Insightly’s customizable CRM enables Spirit Sox USA to streamline business processes and provide exceptional customer experiences

While most people look in their sock drawers and see the mundane, Lisa Riggs sees opportunity. That’s why she founded Spirit Sox USA, a custom sock company based in San Jose, California, offering high-quality custom knit socks at extremely competitive pricing. The company is certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) through the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the nation’s largest third-party certifier of businesses owned and operated by women in the United States. Spirit Sox also donates 5% of company profits to providing socks to the homeless in the United States. 

Before implementing Insightly in 2017, Spirit Sox struggled to manage and organize customer data in real-time with Excel spreadsheets. “I knew that I wanted to grow my startup business, so I was looking for an affordable, fully customizable CRM that would be able to grow with us, ” said Lisa Riggs, CEO and founder of Spirit Sox USA. “We had never used a CRM prior to Insightly, so we needed a solution with an intuitive interface that would be easy for our team to adopt and navigate.”


Spirit Sox needed an intuitive, customizable CRM to align its teams around a single source of information.


Insightly provided a collaborative, affordable solution for managing Spirit Sox’s unique business needs.


By implementing Insightly, Spirit Sox can track business performance in real time while increasing internal efficiency and enhancing information sharing throughout the organization.

Lisa Riggs CEO and Founder (aka The Sock Queen)

Collaborating and tracking performance in real-time

Riggs’ initial goal for Insightly CRM was focused on obtaining a single source of information. “There’s far too much complexity, even in a small business, to track performance in Excel,” Lisa said. “I needed to find a way to capture specific information about each individual project, including custom designs and imagery, and then communicate that information across multiple team members.” 

To overcome data silos and increase collaboration, the Spirit Sox team turned to Insightly. “Insightly is such a great tool to communicate with colleagues because all of our interactions with customers are in one single place at all times,” Lisa explained. “As our company continues to grow, this need for sharing information has only become stronger.”

Uploading digital images to projects

Unlike legacy CRMs like Salesforce, Insightly’s project functionality supports Lisa’s unique business needs. “Whenever we place an order, I prefer to move orders directly into projects. I put a note of how many were ordered, and then I always include the digital image of the socks because that’s a really key piece for us to remember exactly what the designer created,” Lisa explained. “We usually create 4-6 options for the customer to choose from and upload those digital images directly into the project.”

Attaching digital images to projects allows Lisa’s team to see a quick view of what was created, shared, and sold to the customer. “When Salesforce approached me, they told me that I should stick with Insightly because they didn’t have this capability,” Lisa said. “I really appreciate how Insightly offers the functionality that makes it easier for me to deliver great customer experiences in a way that other CRMs just cannot.”

Using lead sources to analyze marketing spend

Insightly’s customizable lead sources enable Spirit Sox to employ several marketing activities and analyze where the best leads are coming from. “As most businesses do, we have leads coming in from all different channels, so with Insightly, I now have the ability to customize our lead sources in just a few clicks,” said Lisa. “Insightly allows us to not only understand conversions to sales but also accurately analyze our marketing spend to make better informed decisions.”

Fostering team efficiency, accountability, and communication

Leveraging Insightly as Spirit Sox’s central source of truth has helped to enhance the team’s communication, accountability, and create more accurate forecasting. “I am now able to keep track of every part of our sales process, from pre-sales all the way to the delivery of our product,” said Lisa. “It forces organization and ensures that I deliver on what I said I would do for my customers, which creates repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals.”

Insightly tasks allow companies like Spirit Sox to set automated reminders and ensure they provide a flawless customer experience. “Every time I complete a task, I set another task for follow-up with that client,” Lisa explained. “For example, if I need to send a design to a customer, I have a task to follow up with that customer in 24 hours. Or, if I need to order or reorder something, I set a task to remind me to do that at exactly the right time so that I keep our projects moving on time and our customers happy.”

Choosing a CRM for eCommerce and a creating a CRM strategy for eCommerce has made all the difference.

Insightly has also yielded a more collaborative work ecosystem for Spirit Sox. “Now that we can communicate more efficiently, we spend less time on internal phone calls and more time on prospecting and closing deals,” Lisa said. “Insightly really empowers us to focus on the right next step to grow our business rather than on tedious administrative tasks. We’re confident we can continue building on this momentum with Insightly by our side.”

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