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Publisher disrupts digital sports media industry

Insightly makes it easier for Tribuna Digital to monetize its content and apps.

Tribuna Digital is a European sports media company. Serving 22 million people each month, Tribuna Digital delivers cutting-edge content through a mix of desktop and mobile apps. The company has developed more than 100 mobile apps and maintains offices in Moscow, Minsk, and Barcelona.

With advertisers from across the globe seeking placement on Tribuna Digital’s web properties, the company needed a better way to track its monetization efforts. “We’ve experienced significant growth over the past few years,” said Varya Trifonova, Account Manager at Tribuna Digital. “We’re always hiring new people, which can make it difficult to know who is working on which account.”


Tribuna Digital needed a CRM that could serve as a hub for leads, opportunities, and related correspondence.


Insightly is the company’s go-to source of sales intelligence and project information.


Tribuna Digital uses Insightly to increase revenue, reduce inefficiency, and create additional transparency.

Varya Trifonova Account Manager

Pipeline monetization

Advertising revenue serves as Tribuna Digital’s primary source of monetization, which is why Insightly’s sales management features are vital to the company’s success. “Insightly ha

Insightly makes our sales team more productive and better organized.

s helped us increase sales by improving our efficiency,” Trifonova said. “Sales managers have instant access to the entire company’s pending deals, related documentation, and client interactions.”

Tribuna Digital relies on opportunities for tracking potential contracts. “Once we’ve established contact with a lead and prepared the proposal, we convert the record into an opportunity,” Trifonova said. “Opportunities are crucial to our sales process because they create accountability and visibility.” The sales team uses tasks to ensure opportunities are followed up with in a timely manner.

Opportunities are also important for projecting future income. “Opportunities are categorized into two groups: desktop and mobile,” Trifonova said. “Categorizing opportunities allows us to analyze effectiveness and provides key insights into future cash flow.”

Once a client signs an advertising contract, the opportunity is converted to a project. “Projects help us coordinate the many post-sale activities, such as launching the client’s campaign,” Trifonova said.

Collaborative & intuitive

Revenue growth has led to a much larger workforce at Tribuna Digital. “We now have over 200 team members spread across several locations,” Trifonova said. “Insightly makes it easier for us to collaborate, share information, and stay organized.”

Insightly’s user-friendly interface has contributed to the collaborative work environment. “The system is very clear and straightforward,” Trifonova said. “Insightly consolidates everything into a centralized information hub, allowing team members to do their jobs without bothering or interrupting other users.”

Built for growth

Moving forward, Tribuna Digital sees Insightly as a strategic tool for accelerating growth. “Insightly helps us capitalize on monetization opportunities, and we’re excited by what the future holds.”

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