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TV network brings quality local programming to millions of households in the United Kingdom

Insightly makes it easier for Local TV to scale its sales processes with 91% user adoption.

Local TV Ltd. is the UKs largest local television network. Established in 2014, Local TV produces and delivers local content to more than four million quarterly viewers via linear TV and digital platforms. In 2017, Local TV reached over 13 million viewers across eight major cities in the United Kingdom.

Local TV has experienced consistent growth since its founding just a five years ago. Companies of all sizes, ranging from major corporate brands to local businesses, are turning to Local TV’s high-impact content and targeted solutions. “There’s really no one quite like us in this market,” said Cloe Keefe, Head Of Commercial Operations at Local TV Ltd. “Our philosophy focuses on understanding clients, so that we can build campaigns that are effective for their businesses and maximize ROI.”

Seeking to effectively harness customer data across every facet of the organization, Local TV began reevaluating its CRM needs. “We considered several CRM providers, including Salesforce CRM and HubSpot CRM, but Insightly’s Enterprise plan came out on top,” Keefe said.


Local TV needed a data-driven CRM to simplify the collection, management, and analysis of client relationship information.


Custom fields and objects, business intelligence dashboards, kanban views, integrated project tracking, and outstanding customer support made Insightly the perfect CRM for Local TV.


Within six months of implementation, 91% of Local TV’s team members were already using Insightly as their source of truth for managing customer relationships, projects, and data.

Cloe Keefe Head Of Commercial Operations

Successful implementation

Once the decision had been finalized to move forward with Insightly’s Enterprise plan, Keefe promptly went to work on an implementation an adoption plan. “I developed a Gantt chart

Insightly has fantastic employees who are wonderful to work with.

and shared it with our customer success manager at Insightly,” Keefe said. “The team at Insightly was incredibly helpful throughout the entire process.”

With detailed documentation and an achievable plan in hand, Keefe and the team began customizing Insightly to the company’s exact needs. “Custom fields and custom objects allow us to collect almost any type of data,” Keefe said. “Insightly’s flexibility makes it possible to store all of our data in one location.”

Instructor-led training, facilitated by Insightly, was another key component for ensuring a timely and successful launch. “You can’t just have a CRM and expect people to use it,” Keefe said. “You need to invest in the adoption process, and Insightly’s customer success team helped us do exactly that.”

Sales process alignment

Local TV’s upfront planning accelerated time to value. Sales, in particular, experienced a rapid uptick in efficiency, thanks to Insightly’s intuitive lead and opportunity management workflow. “New clients start out as leads in Insightly,” Keefe said. “Once a sales executive has held an initial fact-finding meeting and established a need, the lead is converted into an opportunity.”

Insightly creates a continuous communication loop between the field based business development team and in-house creative, production, and administrative staff. “Insightly makes it easier for staff at our central office to design campaigns and proposals that fit the needs of prospective clients,” Keefe said.

After a proposal has been delivered to the client, Insightly also assists with follow-up and post-sale coordination. “Dashboards and Kanban opportunity views keep sales reps focused on their open opportunities, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks,” Keefe said. “Closed deals are updated with a custom status reason prior to being converted into an Insightly project.”

Converted projects are then seamlessly handed off to the central and creative teams for implementation. “Our central team uses Insightly to collaborate with several different departments and deliver great projects,” Keefe said. “We also use Insightly reports to measure the success of projects and discover opportunities for repeat business.”

Data-driven decision making

Tracking all of Local TV’s sales and project management activity in a single source of truth yields a wealth of business intelligence for ongoing decision making. “Insightly lets us use data to objectively examine our sales and project management processes and identify important trends,” Keefe said. “We use Insightly to analyze almost every aspect of our business, from identifying growth markets to optimizing how we spend our time.”

Insightly’s open API and web-to-lead forms help Local TV capture even more data for a fraction of the effort. “We’re also looking at other value-added integrations, such as Insightly’s integration with Mailchimp,” Keefe said.

Keefe leverages all of the data stored in Insightly to accelerate change throughout the organization. “Knowledge is power, and that’s what you get from a great CRM with high adoption,” Keefe said. “Insightly elevates our knowledge and allows us to perform advanced analysis that we couldn’t do in the past.”

Partnering for the future

Choosing a CRM for agencies and a creating a CRM strategy for agencies has made all the difference.

Moving forward, the team at Local TV considers Insightly to be much more than a vendor. “We’re not just buying a product from Insightly; it’s a partnership,” Keefe said. “We rely on Insightly to grow our business, and we’re motivated to help Insightly grow, too.”

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