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Norwegian organization inspires new generation of entrepreneurs

Insightly makes it easier for Ungt Entreprenørskap to engage community leaders and deliver effective programs.

Ungt Entreprenørskap (“UE”) is a Norwegian organization that encourages entrepreneurism among young people. Founded in 1997, UE is a member of JA (Junior Achievement) Europe, the continent’s largest provider of educational programs for work readiness, entrepreneurism, and financial literacy. Each year, more than 150,000 Norwegian students encounter at least one of UE’s innovative programs.

To design successful programs and ensure adequate funding, UE establishes and maintains close relationships with educators, business professionals, volunteers, government officials, and other stakeholders throughout Norway. “Before discovering Insightly, we were using many tools to track our relationships, which was ineffective,” said Kjell Vidar Jørgensen, IT Manager at Ungt Entreprenørskap. “Our team is spread across Norway, so we needed a CRM that simplified information gathering, relationship tracking, and deal monitoring.”


Ungt Entreprenørskap needed a powerful, yet intuitive CRM to be its central source of truth for managing business relationships and related activity.


Record linking, opportunity pipelines, integrations, and affordable pricing made Insightly the perfect CRM for Ungt Entreprenørskap.


With Insightly, the organization has gained visibility into key funding opportunities, leading to healthier relationships and better deals.

Kjell Vidar Jorgensen IT Manager

Relationship data

Centralizing contacts and organizations into one system has increased accessibility and mitigated risk. “If a team member leaves the organization, we no longer worry about informat

After testing Microsoft Dynamics CRM and several others, it became clear that Insightly was the best tool to meet our needs.

ion loss,” Jørgensen said. “Since everything is stored securely in Insightly, we’re able to onboard new employees without retracing our steps.”

Deal management

Opportunities provide a scalable approach to deal management. “Insightly opportunities help us track ongoing initiatives that increase our funding,” Jørgensen said. “From a business development standpoint, Insightly has been a definite win.”

By creating links between opportunities, in-house users, contacts, and other records, UE achieves a 360-degree view of each deal in the pipeline. “Insightly tracks the connection points between relationships, opportunities, and activities,” Jørgensen said.

Insightly also makes it easier to identify best practices. “We’re able to understand which procedures deliver the best deals,” Jørgensen said. “Insightly helps us refine our processes, which leads to better deals and more funding.”

Project transparency

Insightly projects offer a high-level overview of program activity. “All of our school programs are tracked in Insightly,” Jørgensen said. “Insightly helps us plan for upcoming programs, draw insights from recently completed programs, and maintain a comprehensive perspective of in-process programs.”

Value-added integrations

Insightly’s open API is fueling data analytics at UE. “Insightly’s API feeds data into our tailor-made reporting system,” Jørgensen said.

UE relies on the Insightly Sidebar for Outlook to ensure high levels of productivity. “We’ve integrated our email system to Insightly via the Outlook plugin,” Jørgensen said. “This allows team members to save correspondence and records without leaving their inboxes.”

The organization also plans to deploy Insightly’s Mailchimp integration, further expediting efficiency.

Rapid time to value

The system’s intuitive interface has accelerated time to value for UE. “Insightly is very easy to learn and use,” Jørgensen said. “It’s a great tool, and we’re excited to use it to drive future growth.”

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